'Grey's Anatomy' Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite & Spoiler Alert, It's Not Cristina Yang

ABC/Richard Cartwright

After reprising her beloved role of Teddy Altman for three episodes in Season 14, Kim Raver is returning to Grey's Anatomy to send Season 15 off on an exciting note. According to TVLine, Raver will return to the Shondaland set this upcoming spring for a multi-episode story arc — making it possible for the Owen and Teddy romance to finally commence.

O.G. Grey's Anatomy fans will tell you that Dr. Teddy Altman is a pretty big deal within Shondaland. Altman was first introduced at the start of the series' Season 6 as an old army pal of Dr. Owen Hunt. Owen brought Teddy to Seattle Grace to mentor the Cristina Yang, and while at the hospital quickly moved up in the ranks, becoming the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

But because this is Shondaland, and you know that "drama" is pretty much Shonda Rhimes' middle name, Teddy's journey to becoming Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery definitely had its fair share of trials. In between battling her deep romantic feelings for Owen (in spite of his romantic relationship with her mentee Cristina), falling in love with a temp employee, and a fake-turned real marriage that ended with her being a widow, Teddy showed the audience a thing or two about what happens when you mix business with pleasure — and it wasn't the least bit pretty.

Ultimately, Teddy left Seattle Grace in Season 8 to get back to her army doctor roots, leaving things with her on again, off again friend Owen seemingly unsettled. The doctor was welcomed back to Shondaland in Season 14, just after her long-time pal Owen discovered that his sister Megan just may be alive after missing for almost a decade.

Teddy's Season 14 return was brief, but her Season 15 stay seems promising. It hasn't been announced just what Shondaland has in mind for the Grey's Anatomy veteran, but fingers crossed that her storyline has more to do with kicking butt in her profession than focusing on her unresolved feelings for Owen. Because seriously, she deserves more than just being another one of Owen's love interests.

Over her hiatus from the ABC show, Raver has taken on quite a few television projects. Most recently, the actor can be found on shows crime dramas Bones and Ray Donovan, as well as ABC's mystery program Designated Survivor. But it goes without saying that Grey's Anatomy will forever be Raver's true home.

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The internet is excited to have Teddy back in the fold, but not nearly excited as Raver is herself. According to TVLine, the actor was more than thrilled to call Shondaland home once again back in November. Raver said, "I feel fortunate enough to be able to go off and join other companies, but every time I come back to Grey’s it’s really like being home." She continued,

“I love being part of this company. I love working with Shonda Rhimes. I love working with the cast. Literally for me it’s definitely home."

Let's hope that Teddy will have a longer stay than what she did in Season 14. But with Rhimes in charge, it's safe to bet that Teddy will leave a lasting impression on the folks at Grey Sloan Memorial, no matter how long her stint on the show is.

And with that said, holding out hope that Grey's Anatomy O.G. Yang will make her way back to Grey Sloan Memorial one day soon won't necessarily end in heartbreak. Because if Teddy's return and Owen's sister's resurfacing — not to mention the series' 14-season history of drama, drama, drama — teach fans anything, it's that nothing is impossible.