These Christmas Cheeses Will Make Your Festive Snacking So Gouda, I Camembert It

Cameron Whitman / Stocksy

Do you consider yourself a pudding person? Or like me, does the thought of sweet treats kind of turn you off? When the dessert menu comes, do you make the right ruddy choice and go for the cheese board? If so, you are probably dying to know my low down on the best Christmas cheeses of 2018.

What makes a cheese Christmas-y? Of course being stuffed with various yule tide flavours is an indicator of Christmas joy, as is being a certain shape that seems festive, and of course the essential Christmas packaging which makes any old bit of brie feel as joyously festive as one of Santa's little elves.

But some times it is in fact merely being exquisitely gluttonous that tips it over the festive edge, like a drunken family member falling off their chair at the Christmas table.

How much cheese is too much cheese? The answer is, that is entirely up to you, but judging by my own personal experience, usually by the 12th day of Christmas, the mere thought of dairy products will cause all of the colour to drain from my face and leaving me needing a lie down.

But until then, here is a selection of cheeses to get you through.

Who says Christmas is cheesy? I do. Hiccough.