The 10 Best Items From Glossier Play That You'll Want To Buy ASAP

Glossier Play/Instagram

Fans of Glossier have been in a state of anticipation over the past week. The brand launched an Instagram account for a new venture entitled Glossier Play, but the catch was that no one knew what it was. Now, that's changed. The fun and funky new items from Glossier Play are a definite departure from the brand, but as soon as you see the new pieces from the formerly no-makeup makeup brand, you'll want to fill up your online cart ASAP.

On Feb. 22, the Glossier Play Instagram appeared with a video of a man dancing with an uplifting message over the top of his moves. Then, a brand new Glossier "G" logo was posted in a gorgeous teal shade. The following day on Feb. 23, more new logos popped up. Glossier, however, never revealed what exactly the new Glossier Play actually was.

Fast forward to today, March 4, and not only has Glossier finally announced that the new Play line is a collection of colorful cosmetics, but the products are on sale at the brand's website as well. From lipsticks to new highlighters, the Glossier Play brand is all about injecting a little bit of pizzaz into your look with a pop of color for the nights you're hitting the town.

Glossier Play is described as "dialed-up beauty extras" meant to make getting ready for your evening out, well, the best part of your evening out. If you spend an hour dancing in the mirror while applying your makeup, Glossier is attempting to bottle that energy and put it into cosmetics. If that sounds kind of ideal, here are 10 of the best items from Glossier Play you'll want to shop ASAP.

1. Candy Pink Lip

While Glossier's original lippies are gorgeous, they adhere to a more natural type of formula. That's changing with the Vinylic Lips. These hyper-colorful lipsticks are high shine and high impact. The shade Blow-Up is a gorgeous hot pink that'll definitely make a statement.

2. Teal Liner

A pop of color on the bottom lash line is a great way to work color into any look, and this new, teal eyeliner pencil from Glossier Play is kind of ideal for it, especially, since many tend to use blue as their accent color.

3. High Shine Orange Lip

Want to make a big lipstick statement but aren't feeling red? Glossier Play's new orange Vinylic lip is your new go-to.

4. Gold Glitter

Nothing can amp up a night out look like glitter, right? Glossier Play has you covered with their new glitter formula that can be used on the eyes or skin (but not lips). Their gold hue may just have you feeling like part of the Midas family.

5. Metallic Pink Liner

Who says pink liner is just for the lips? This metallic pink-hued eyeliner from Glossier Play will have you looking pretty in pink and not just on your lips.

6. Liquid Highlighter

Glossier's new liquid highlighters pack a punch, and if you're into a dewy shine, you'll probably love them. Their darkest shade, Molten Umber, is a stunning deep bronze perfect for darker complexions.

7. Holographic Glitter

Holographic lovers, rejoice! Glossier's Glitter Gelée comes in a holographic shade that's out of this world.

8. Rosy Tone Highlight

If you can't get enough of rosy cheeks and pink tones for spring, the new Platinum Rose shade of Glossier's Niteshine is going to make your day.

9. Mustard Eyeliner

One of the best things about Glossier Play is their use of unexpected color, and this mustard yellow liner is the perfect example of a hue you should try from the new collection.

10. The Full Kit

If everything in the new Glossier Play sounds perfect, the Playground kit is going to be your dream. You'll get all of the brand's new products (in the color of your choice) including their new tools. Plus, you'll save $15 by buying the bundle.

If Glossier Play's colorful, night out vibes feel perfect for you, head over the brand's website now and start planning your next friends' night out.