These Might Be The Creepiest Websites On The Internet
by Megan Grant
An Asian Chinese woman lying on bed and using smartphone in the dark
hxyume/E+/Getty Images

I've been a fan of the creepy and eerie for years. What is it about being freaked out that is actually somehow fun? Well, today, I got a little more than I bargained for, because I searched for the creepiest websites on the internet, and now I can't tell if I'm scared or nauseous or a combination of both. Also, I really just want my mommy. (Help me.)

I expected to encounter stories of haunted homes and probably something about the Russian Sleep Experiment (icky, creepy, gross, no thank you); but I ended up finding all new things I've never even heard of. There are some seriously strange people out there creating these websites, and to those people, I say... I salute you! These websites are twisted and bizarre in ways I've never even imagined; som if you love the disturbing and demented as much as I do, you can kiss the next several hours goodbye, because you'll spend them elbow-deep in these websites.

Beware: Some of these are not for the faint of heart. If you don't like to be freaked, stick to Cute Overload or The Nicest Place on the Internet. None of us will judge you here. If you want to be creeped down to your core, though, proceed to one of the following websites.

You've been warned.



Housecreep is a super handy tool that helps adults, you know, find murder houses, shady apartments, haunted houses, and other creepy dwellings in their immediate area. It's perfect for people who never want to feel comfortable sleeping in their own home again. Ever.


Death Date

Once you input some basic information — name, birthdate, height, weight — Death Date tells you exactly when you're going to die. Mine tells me I'm going to live to be exactly 71 years and six days old... and suddenly, I feel like I need to rush to get everything done. I only have 42 more years, people!

3 is a collection of the web-based genre of horror fiction known as creepypasta. If you really want the heebie jeebies, spend some time in a dark room surfing this site and you won't sleep for a week.


Texas Department Of Criminal Justice

I don't know if this is creepy or just flat out depressing, but the TDCJ has a list of all of its executed offenders, their information and offenses, and their last words. Their last words, people. Personally, I give that a 9.65 on the creepy scale.


World Births And Deaths

Kind of cool, kind of unsettling. This simulation updates by the second and show real-time births and deaths based on world birth and death rates — in case you forgot the people are being born and dying every single second of the day.


The Dionaea House

The tale of the Dionaea house tells of two men, Mark and Eric, who learn that an old friend shot and killed two people and then himself. Mark becomes obsessed with figuring out what went wrong with their friend; and the Dionaea house is his string of emails to Eric as he searches for answers and ultimately vanishes. Before you get too freaked out (although it's probably too late for that), Eric has made clear this is a work of fiction. Does that make it any less freaky? Nope.


The NoSleep Subreddit

There are a lot of creepy Subreddit stories, but the NoSleep Subreddit should be at the top of your list when you want some quality reading material. Most of the stories are fictional; but every now and then, a real one will work its way in there — like the smiling man.


The Simulation Argument

Have you ever wondered if this whole life wasn't real? Have you ever thought that you might be living in the Matrix? That's the condensed version of the Simulation Argument (first published on paper in 2003), which says that we're all living in a simulation. This will make you rethink your existence.


News Of Future

News of Future is an independent publication that shares articles describing what the world will be like in the next 50 years. They aim for accuracy and base everything off of where we currently are and where it looks like we're going. Some of it is exciting, like this article about napping for productivity (yay!). Other articles are dark and concerning, like this one, about 16 million new cases of cancer worldwide, with tobacco as the leading cause.


Staggering Beauty

(Warning: If you have epilepsy, stay away from this one.)

I have no explanation for this, but it startled the living daylights out of me. Staggering Beauty is a simple webpage with this worm-like fellow who follows your mouse. But start moving your cursor back and forth really fast, and make sure you have the sound on. Mwaha!