The 11 Biggest Signs Nick Viall Ends Up Single After 'The Bachelor'


What is happening on this season of The Bachelor? No, really, I'm sincerely wondering. Everything feels different. Maybe it's because the lead's rise to Bachelor fame was so different? Maybe it's because Corinne was so truly one of a kind? (Miss her already.) Or maybe it's because this entire season has been a huge set-up to prepare us for a different ending, one where Nick Viall ends up single after The Bachelor.

The way I see it, there are a lot of reasons why this could be, but most of them can be broken down into two options. Either Nick wasn't that serious about the process and was doing it to extend his fame so he could end up on Dancing With The Stars. Or none of these girls were for him and this process simply doesn't work for Nick. Nick and the Bachelor/ette process are the oil and water of finding love on reality TV. Maybe we should stop trying to mix them.

There's honestly no way of knowing for sure what the truth is, but I do know what I've been seeing. And, all through the season, there have been certain warning signs. Don't believe me? Well, here are all the signs that I've noticed that might hint that Nick remains single once The Bachelor ends.

1. He Doesn't Seem Particularly Excited About Any Of These Women


Not in the way he did with Kaitlyn or Andi. There's none of that giddiness. He hasn't made enemies with anyone standing in his way (Josh Murray, Shawn Booth). He just doesn't seem to care that much.

2. He Keeps Saying He Might End Up Alone


He told Andi that he wasn't "going to pick someone because she’s the last one standing." Carissa Culiner from E! News asked Nick what his relationship status was now and he had this to say: "Possibly maybe with someone. Possibly not." Wait. What?

3. We Already Know Who The Final Two Are


That's the first time The Bachelorette has ever been spoiled this early. Have the producers just given up? Are they trying to move on ASAP to Rachel's season because they know something we don't know? And that thing is that this season's romance goes down in flames?

4. And Distance Is A Factor For Both


Raven and Vanessa both live really far away, in really different areas of the world. Culturally speaking. Vanessa lives in a foreign country. Raven lives in a small, small town. Nick Viall lives in Los Angeles. Please do the math.

5. He Hasn't Had "Real" Convos With Either Vanessa or Raven


Raven and Nick recently had a very deep conversation about the methods of ironing and steaming. (True story.) As Vanessa's 7 million family and friends so eloquently pointed out, she and Nick have not talked deets about where they would live and what they would do for work. Why is this?

6. He Seems Lost


He kept Corinne up until the final four, even though they never went on a one-on-one date. That means he went to Corinne's hometown to ask her father's permission for her hand in marriage without spending any large amount of alone time with her.

7. He Seems Uncomfortable


See: Nick's constant laughing, smiling, and turtleneck wearing.

8. He Might Not Actually Believe This Works


Given the odds — and his history with the show — it wouldn't be that wild to assume he's more doubtful than not doubtful.

9. He Might Be Too Burned By It


Nick appears to be particularly terrified of getting rejected. More so than the average Bachelor, considering that he's been turned down twice, and once while proposing.

10. He Seems Close To A Breakdown


I'm no way insinuating that Nick shouldn't be distressed in such a stressful situation. I'm just saying, Nick, are you OK, man?

11. Danielle L.


Remember how into Danielle L. Nick seemed to be? Until all of a sudden he was just like, "nah." When you think about whether or not Nick ends up single by the end of The Bachelor, just remember these word(s): Danielle L.

This is the first time a twice-rejected Bachelorette contestant has become the Bachelor, so it could be the first time a twice-rejected Bachelorette contestant gets rejected on his own season of The Bachelor. (Say that three times fast.) Regardless, whatever happens, Nick has locked in Dancing With The Stars, and no one (no one!) can take that away from him.