Nick Viall May Leave 'The Bachelor' Single

by Emily Belfiore
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nick Viall's road to love has not been a smooth ride. After several unsuccessful attempts at finding love on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, Nick took a more direct approach by becoming the Bachelor this season. Things seemed to be going great, until last week's episode when he revealed that he was having doubts that he could find love through the show or with any of the women. This hit the Bachelor Nation hard and left viewers wondering: Is Nick Viall single after The Bachelor? It would be a shame after all his searching if he left the show without a fianceé.

Nick has remained very cryptic since dropping this big bombshell, but it hasn't stopped him from doing a ton of press. The Bachelor was a special guest on Bustle's Bachelor podcast Will You Accept This Podcast? (which you can listen to here) last week where Bustle’s Senior Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler and Romper Senior News and Entertainment Editor Allison Piwowarski picked his brain on how he makes decisions on the show. Viall followed up by saying he has "no regrets" when it comes to his time as the Bachelor. He also teased that the rest of the season is going to be "unpredictable" and that there's "more to come."


No regrets? Hmm... No regrets about what, Nick? Perhaps that means it didn't work out, but he learned some things along the way so he doesn't regret doing the show.

Then, to add even more suspicion to his relationship status, Nick got some interesting love advice from Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos when he stopped by Live! With Kelly. The co-hosts told Nick he needs to be single for a while and find love outside of TV.


Whaaat? He doesn't need to be single, you guys. He needs to find love! That's why he's on The Bachelor! But, it's definitely interesting that they'd suggest being single... maybe because Nick isn't engaged?

This topic of whether Nick gets engaged this season has been circling around since early January. Even E! News' Carissa Culiner asked Nick about the status of his post-show relationship, to which he gave her the most vague response ever: "Possibly maybe with someone. Possibly not."


Come on, Nick. Give us something to work with!

It's also important to consider the fact that Nick has been such an unconventional Bachelor. He's a three-time contestant whose proposals have been rejected twice by two different Bachelorettes, so it's understandable why he'd want to make sure his heart is in the right place before proposing again. Being that Nick was such a shocking choice for the Bachelor, it wouldn't be totally crazy for viewers to anticipate a shocking ending.

Is he going to take Kelly and Mark's advice and try and find a wife the old-fashioned way? Nick's emotional conversation with the women on his season did leave room for a lot of doubt and makes it seem like he could be walking away from this experience without a fiancé. But, I guess we're just going to have to take his advice and tune in tonight to see what happens — after all, he's a master of reality TV and he's not going to give anything away before its time.