The 12 Most Wished For Sex Toys On Amazon

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There's no doubt about it: sex toys are a great buy. Whether you're single, casually dating, or in a serious relationship, they can be educational, pleasurable, and just plain fun. If you're on the market for a new pleasure gadget and have no clue where to start, I highly recommend reading through this list of the top sex toys on Amazon wish lists right now.

I'm always mind-blown by the things I can find on Amazon. (I mean, where else can you find sex toys, winter socks, and protein bars all under one roof...err, I mean one website.) Since millions of people shop on Amazon, you can bet you'll always find something different every time you visit the site. Since so many people are buying and trying, you can always expect a decent amount of reviews to help find what's right for you. And this rule of thumb absolutely goes for sex toys, which is definitely a category you're going to want recommendations for.

Each gadget on this list is backed up by Amazon reviews from real buyers. Scroll below to find vibrators, dildo straps, and more sex toys that will add a little more excitement to your sex life. Plus, if you find visiting a local sex toy store to be really intimating, this list will save you the trip.

1A Vibrator Designed For Amazing Clitoral Stimulation

"This is an amazing toy. It was perfect, made me climax pretty quick, and got a chance to use it more often," raved one reviewer of this small but impactful vibrator that's perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation. Equipped with three vibration speeds and four pulsating modes, you can enjoy some serious intensity with this. Since it comes with brush-like bristles and is very flexible, you can also use this for g-spot massage too.

2A Four-Piece Bondage Set To Get Your Kink On

This four-piece bondage collection is perfect for couples who want to get in on some 50 Shades of Grey action. Users on Amazon praise this set for being comfortable, high quality, and the perfect object for spicing up their love lives. "It is super comfortable to wear. It didn't bother me at all and I was wearing it for about four hours or so," writes one happy customer.

3A Set That Makes A Perfect Intro To Anal Play

This butt plug kit is great for anyone who is curious about anal, but is not ready to take the full plunge. "These are my go to plugs!" writes a pleased customer. "They have just enough girth around the base to not fall out and are great for wearing around the house or during sexy fun time."

4A Hands-Free Vibrator And Dildo Combo

The suction cups in this five speed vibrator come in handy when you don't feel like using your hands. "I was skeptical when I saw reviews about the suction not working and such. However, I have found this to suction to both tile and paint, and stay in place when used," says one shopper.

5A 360-Degree Sexy Swing Set

For couples who want to bring their sex life to new heights, this swing set will do just the trick. Users love how sturdy and supportive it is. "We can concentrate more on rhythm and pleasurable angles because I am not concentrating on balance and supporting myself in some crazy contortionist position that leaves me tired and distracted," writes a reviewer. "The 360-degree spin is essential and makes changing positions happen in seconds," says one customer, also writing that it's more fun and exciting as a bed could ever be.

6Keep The Long Distance Relationship Spark

Long distance couples need this bullet vibrator in their lives. Couples love how they can activate the gadget through its app to control the motions and create their own vibration patterns. "You can send vibration patterns, pictures and audio clips back and forth through the chat section [on the app]," explains one Amazon user.

7A Strap-On Dildo For Role Reversal

This dildo is great for first-timers who are new to the whole pegging thing. "This is the first time my boyfriend has ever been pegged, so we wanted something small enough that it wouldn't be uncomfortable for him, but big enough to hit all the right spots and still feel good," writes a happy user. "This is an excellent girth and length for that."

8A Dual-Stimulator Cock Ring

The IMO Full Silicone Cock Ring provides double the pleasure for you and your partner during intercourse. For guys, this waterproof device helps them sustain their erection longer and for women, it provides clitoral stimulation. "My husband is good at what he does, I had no complaints. This toy, however, upped the yowzer factor by a megaton," says one reviewer. "We were both left shaky and blissful." Wow — sounds like a pretty powerful little ring.

9A Condom Variety Pack For Every Preference

I don't need to tell you that condoms are essential for a healthy sex life. This 40-pack gives you an adequate assortment of condoms from ultra thin to double ecstasy. "A 40 pack at this price is a no-brainer!," writes one happy user. "Plus the variety is nice." Now, he has no excuse to not wrap it up.

10A Vibrator That Closely Resembles A Tongue

Don't get weirded out by the funky design, this vibrator is super powerful and mimics the sensation of oral sex. "The material it is made out of is really soft, smooth, and also kinda squishy which makes for a more comfortable experience," writes one user. "It has a lot of different functions which was fun to play with."

11A Basic Yet Highly Functional Vibrator

With it's simple, sleek design, five vibration modes, and speeds, this vibrator is perfect for even sex toy newbies. Its curved design helps you reach both the clitoris and the hard-to-reach G-spot. One reviewer wrote: "This was my first vibrator, and I have to say, it has taught me more about myself and how to achieve an actual orgasm when with a partner than I'd ever known before!"

12A Pretty Little Remote-Controlled Bullet

Small yet mighty, this egg-shaped sex toy operates with a remote control for your partner to also get in on the fun. "This little vibe has definitely vibed its way into my heart," writes a thrilled user. "I love the fact that it's wireless and can be used from any location really. Makes for great fun when I give my partner the control and let them do whatever they please."

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