The 15 Best Lifetime Movies Of All Time, From 'Speak' To 'Flowers In The Attic'


Lifetime movies get a bad reputation. Often dismissed as overdramatic, unrealistic entertainment (read: female), a lot of movies on the network tend to go by unnoticed. But sometimes there are gems that break through. And these best Lifetime movies of all time prove that the channel has been churning out quality original films for years, whether or not it's been getting the credit for it. Though a few of the films on this list earned Emmy nominations, the majority came and went without much critical or industry acclaim. Regardless of awards, it's clear that these 15 great Lifetime movies stand out among the rest as ones that will make you cry, laugh, love, and might even just teach you a thing or to.

Lifetime movies tend to fit into one of three categories: ripped from the headlines, based on a book, and cautionary tale. They also tend to have female protagonists, something the rest of the movie and television world has yet to fully embrace. As such, Lifetime movies have given female audiences some of the most authentic female stories in Hollywood. That said, not all of the movies listed below were produced by Lifetime. In fact, many were made as independent films and acquired by Lifetime later. However, they all premiered straight to TV on Lifetime, making them Lifetime movies through and through. So, now that we all know where we stand, here are the 15 best Lifetime movies of all time that you really need to watch — right now.

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