The 16 Creepiest 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' Episodes Ever


It isn't just wild nostalgia that keeps you returning to the show, because, as the creepiest episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark prove, it's also the quality of its spooky storytelling. Many of the monsters, villains, twists, and scary moments of the show's seasons have stayed with fans over the years likely due to the huge impact they likely left on our fragile child minds. And though not every episode is as scary as we remember, there are still some that manage to pack a creepy punch when we re-watch them as adults.

Sometimes that's because the episode manages to nail a specific atmosphere that gets right under your skin. Other times, it's because the monsters were so sinister that they still seem threatening all these years later. And then there are the times when the very premise of the episode is pure paranoia fuel. But, no matter which one it is, with an Are You Afraid Of The Dark movie coming our way in Oct. 2019, you'll definitely want to start brushing up on your knowledge of the show well in advance.

While little is known about the plot of the movie or it's characters, it can't hurt to familiarize yourself with some of the show's scariest villains and moments, just in case they show up in the movie. So hunt all 16 of these creepy gems down immediately for a spooktastic marathon session.