Who Twitter Predicts Will Win Big At The Oscars

Summit Entertainment

And the Oscar goes to... @LaLaLand! Or at least that's what people are tweeting. According to Twitter data from the bulk of award season, La La Land is the number one most tweeted movie, proving its popularity and hopefully predicting its success at the upcoming 89th Academy Awards. But that isn't the only thing that the social media platform revealed about the popularity of this year's Oscar nominees.

Hot on the trail of La La Land as the second most tweeted Oscar film is Moonlight, the Golden Globe Winner for Best Motion Picture Drama. With La La Land as the Golden Globe winner for the comedy/musical category, this makes sense as its top rival. Notably further down the list is Manchester By The Sea, another top contender in awards season, but settling at the number nine spot when it comes to most tweeted. And with Moana as the sixth most tweeted film and most tweeted animated picture, chances are looking good for the Polynesian princess to pick up the Best Animated Feature film Oscar. Of course, Zootopia is close by at number eight, so it could be a real Disney on Disney brawl this year — which one will win big for the House of Mouse?


And what about this years actor and actress nominees? Well, here's where it gets interesting. As it would turn out, Viola Davis is this year's most tweeted nominee, which would put her in a good position to clinch Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rose in Fences, an honor well-deserved after two previous passed-over nominations. And Emma Stone comes up as the second most tweeted, which could mean Oscar gold for her role as struggling actress Mia (the irony).

Now I think you're probably well aware (though it bears repeating in a socially driven age) that this is, of course, not how Oscar winners are chosen. That process is left to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, hence the whole "Academy Awards" thing, which is made up by members of the film industry, made up by 17 branches that nominate for their category, i.e. directors nominating best directors. So, a bunch of us peasants tweeting about how Stone is our spirit animal may do nothing to sway the vote.

But then again, public influence isn't to be taken lightly in this modern age, so even if these don't end up being accurate indicators of the winners, you're sure to hear the digital uproar. The 89th Academy Awards air on Feb. 26 on ABC, and you can join in on that conversation by tweeting #Oscars and unlocking an Academy Award emoji created for the big night.