The 3 Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat


If you want to stay comfortable all year round while cutting back on energy costs, then using one of the best window air conditioners with heat can help. These multi-functional window-based AC units are efficient, easy to install, and able to save you money since you're only cooling or heating the rooms you need.

The heating features in window AC units function similarly to the cooling options. Your window air conditioner will require a minimum of 20 Btus (British thermal units) for each cubic foot of living space you’re trying to warm up. So, for most rooms, an AC window unit with a heater Btu of 11,000 or higher will suffice. Features that might be nice to have include a remote control and the ability to program specific temperature settings.

Window air conditioners with heat fit right in your window which make them easy to install. However, when you're not using your window AC heater during the winter, you may be exposed to cold drafts. So, be careful to close up any cracks or remove the unit from your window when not in use.

For both supplemental cooling and heating I've checked out the power, the features, and the reviews to recommend the best window air conditioners with heat for your specific needs whether it’s staying cool in the summer or toasty during the winter months.