Beat The Heat With One Of These Cooling Portable Fans & Thank Me Later


If, like me, you crave a cool breeze during the warmer months, you need one of the best portable fans. A summer essential, they're a simple and inexpensive way to stay comfortable in annoyingly hot conditions, no matter where you are. And that's what sets them apart.

Some of the best fans for summer are cooling towers or oscillating options that conserve energy, but let's face it: Neither of those is practical to take with you on the go. Portable fans, on the other hand, are lightweight, small, and ready to be tossed into your bag. The best part? They come in a wide range of styles — from ones with water misters to ones you can literally wear for hands-free use — all guaranteed to suit your cooling needs. There's even one that plugs directly into your smartphone for the ultimate convenience factor.

Now that you have a taste of what's out there, it's time to find the portable fan that's right for you. Here, shop a list of the must-haves available on Amazon, and once you've made your pick, keep the fan shopping going. Choose from the best fans that cool like air conditioners and top-rated window fans, too.


The Overall Best Portable Fan

With a motor that can last for up to 20,000 hours, this OPOLAR Handheld Fan is the best overall and a great long-term investment at an unbeatable price. It boasts three different speed settings, a battery that'll last five hours on the highest setting, and a compact, foldable frame that weighs just 6 ounces. Plus, it can even work as a power bank for your phone — just plug a charger right into the USB port. Toss it in your bag or use it as a desk fan — the possibilities are endless.

What fans say: "I cannot praise this fan highly enough. What a genius idea this is! Since it arrived I have used it every day and I don't know how I survived without it before."


A Wearable Fan That'll Keep Your Hands Free

If you need your hands free, opt for a wearable necklace fan like this one from OPOLAR. The three-speed option weighs less than 8 ounces, has a battery that can last up to 20 hours, and, yes, can be worn around your neck. It's adjustable 180 degrees (up and down), ensuring you can easily direct the wind based on your height and position. Plus, with a USB charging port that's compatible with multiple devices including laptops and cell phone adapters, charging this fan is a breeze (pun intended).

What fans say: "Surprisingly powerful fan for its size, would give it six stars if I could."


A Fan That Plugs Directly Into Your iPhone

Compatible with Apple devices starting with the iPhone 5 and up, it's hard to believe this USB cooling fan is only $7. It's lightweight, and the soft (super safe) fan blade and body come apart, making it easy to store. Since this fan requires minimal power, it won't drain your phone's battery or make tons of noise. Get it in four different colors, and prepare to never leave your home without it.

What fans say: "The portable Apple iPhone fan works as well as can be expected for such a little fan. It generates a soft breeze when plugged in to the iPhone power port."


A Misting Fan That Cools Even More

This portable misting fan will become your new best friend if you love a good spritz. Operating on two AA batteries, it's easy to bring with you anywhere — without having to worry about several hours of charging time — and holds up to 1,000 sprays per bottle. You can even sneak some ice into the bottle! Its flexible fan blades are completely safe, and if you aren't a fan of blue, it's available in seven other colors.

What fans say: Many users cite that it's a life-saver at amusement parks like Disney World, while others love it for everyday life. One reviewer simply wrote, "I cherish this thing."

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