Bye-bye, Messy Bangs — These Round Brushes Style & Straighten Fringe In A Snap


Bangs can be high maintenance but the right brush makes all of the difference. The best round brush for bangs is made from a material that suits your hair texture and type and can style bangs fast. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

Brush Material

  • Boar Bristles: Brushes made with boar bristles are considered one of the best options for bangs or fine hair. These bristles are gentler than nylon and distribute natural oils throughout your scalp for shinier, smoother strands.
  • Nylon and Boar Bristles: Brushes that feature both nylon and boar bristles can style hair regardless of texture and type, but are particularly suited for thicker hair. While 100% boar bristles can be too soft for thicker manes, when combined with nylon, they detangle thick hair while still distributing natural oils to condition your hair.
  • Ceramic: If you prefer to smooth your hair and prevent frizz, opt for a brush with a ceramic barrel. They often feature ion technology that helps seal the hair cuticle, smoothen hair, and add shine.
  • Ceramic Hot Brush: Another option for fast styling is a hot brush with a built-in dryer that dries and styles your bangs at the same time. These brushes can get hot quickly — on the one hand, this can cut down on your drying time, but take caution if you have fragile or damaged hair.

Barrel Size

A smaller brush is able to work more effectively with shorter hair, and will create tighter curls; thicker hair may require a larger brush, but when it comes to styling bangs, opt for a brush that is smaller than 2 inches.

This list features brushes that will tame your bangs and make your morning routine a breeze.

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The Best Round Boar Bristle Brush

This 100% boar bristle round brush adds volume or curls to bangs and boasts praise from reviewers with all hair types, from fine to thick. The 1.3 inch brush features closely packed boar bristles that are soft and gentle on your scalp, which is crucial when styling bangs. This brush has a durable wood handle and reviewers describe it as beautiful, ergonomic, and effective at tackling bangs and wispier strands.

If you choose to use it while blow drying bangs, its wooden core will not heat up as fast as ceramic, which means your drying time may be a bit longer, but there's less risk of damaging your hair from overheating.

Helpful Review: “Great for smoothing bangs or short hair on hairline. Love it! Makes blow drying the shorter hair around my face much easier.“


The Best Nylon And Boar Bristle Brush

With a 1.75 inch barrel, this round boar and nylon bristle brush is slightly larger than other brushes used to style bangs, but it's the ideal size if you have thicker hair. The brush's body is crafted from solid, sturdy wood and its bristles are deeply embedded, which means it is less likely to shed those bristles over time. This is not a vented brush, but is still used by many reviewers to style and curl bangs with a blow dryer.

Helpful Review: "If you have a thick mane that takes a bit of handling, this is the brush for you! My hair has always had a mind of its own and over the years we have reached a degree of detente since I’ve pretty much allowed my hair to have its own way. However, since buying this brush, I have been reinstated as the head honcho! Don’t pass this one by because it does the job, does not damage hair, and is extraordinarily easy to handle."


The Best Ceramic Brush For Smoothing Unruly Bangs

If you have unruly bangs that refuse to stay down and are prone to frizz, this ceramic round brush can smoothen them, thanks to hard bristles designed with ions that repel water and help evenly distribute heat so that hair stays smooth and soft for longer. This is a classic vented blow drying brush with a 1.3 inch barrel, but it also comes in three additional sizes, including an ultra small 0.9 inch barrel that can curl fine bangs and a 1.7 inch barrel for thicker hair.

Reviewers note that the grip of this brush is comfortable and easy to use. It even has a sectioning tip tool that comes stored inside the brush’s handle.

Helpful Review: “I don't know why this brush is better than other similar brushes but it really is. It makes hair smoother than other brushes and really holds every hair on the brush so it doesn't get frizzy. This size is good for straighter styles with body, the one size smaller is great for a little more curl with bounce. My hairdresser uses this and recommended it. I've had it for years and it's still as good as new. Worth every penny.”


The Best Hot Brush For Styling Bangs Fast

This hot brush makes it possible to dry and style your bangs in one step. The 1-inch titanium ceramic barrel and nylon ball-tipped bristles help distribute heat evenly and detangle strands, while helping to protect your hair from heat damage. The brush's ionic technology is designed to condition hair and make strands shinier. The brush has two heat settings and a cool setting that is helpful for setting hair and keeping it frizz-free for longer.

The 1-inch barrel is ideal for short hair and bangs, however, there is a 1.5 inch option available that might be better for thicker, longer hair. This tool has more than 9,000 reviews and many reviewers rave about how much easier this tool makes it to style hair and get out the door faster.

Helpful Review: “They recommend and I agree that it works best when your hair is about 80% dry. I towel dry my hair, comb it out and dry just my bangs on high heat with it. Then I go do other stuff until it's drier. I have on occasion dried it all after towel drying but it takes a fair bit of time. I like it because it is easy and I end up with frizz free ( or at least minimal ) softly flipped under hair, with even the back finished and smooth that looks almost as good as when I have just left the hairdressers.”