If You Have Painful Arches, These Cozy Slippers Have The Support You Need

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Investing in a pair of the best women's slippers with arch support is the key to keeping your feet warm and pain-free. But not all supportive slippers are created equal, which is why it's really important to be on the lookout for a few key features before you buy.

First, you'll want to make sure the slippers have proper support in the midsole. Look for high-quality memory foam that'll mold to the shape of your foot in addition to latex and removable orthotics. Though many slippers have plenty of cushioning, the moldable memory foam prevents them from uncomfortably sliding around as you move.

And as with most footwear, don't forget to consider where you'll be wearing your new supportive slippers — that'll determine what style you need. For example, if you know you'll only wear them when you're lounging around the house, then consider a breathable, sandal-style slipper so you don't get too hot. If you're planning on wearing your slippers outside at all, however, you'll want something a little sturdier with rubber waterproof soles.

With all this in mind, here's a roundup of some of the best women's slippers with arch support to help you narrow down your options.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

These durable slippers feature latex, double-felted soles that mold to your foot for maximum arch and heel support. Thanks to their rubber outsoles and cozy wool outer shells, these slippers are wearable in any and all weather. What's more, their wood frames provide plenty of airflow to prevent overheating.

Reviewers love these slippers, especially when it comes to how supportive they are. One satisfied review reads: "Shocked at the amount of arch support there is in these slippers, and it's awesome and just the right amount. The arch support is even better than in some of my top brand walking shoes. The nights are already chilly and my feet were getting cold, but these provide just the right bit of warmth."

  • Available sizes: 7 - 14 Women's


The Best Open-Toed Slippers

Even though these open-toed slippers look like regular sandals, they're way more supportive for your feet. First, the toe bar is slightly curved upward to support the natural gripping motion of your toes as you walk. The contoured footbeds cradle your feet with each step, and the suede lining makes them even more comfortable. Further, the cork footbeds mold to the shape of your feet to absorb shock.

Keep in mind that, while these slippers are perfect for the indoors, they don't offer much in terms of protection from the elements. As soon as it gets chilly, your feet are bound to feel cold. So, even though this pair has a rubber sole, it's best to wear them indoors or when the weather's warmer.

  • Available sizes: 7 - 12 Women's


The Best For Outdoors

Top to bottom, these puffy slippers are the best pair to wear outdoors, as they're completely waterproof and machine washable. With a terry-lined interior and a down exterior, these shoes are comfortable and truly warm. On top of that, their memory foam footbeds immediately contour to your feet for arch support the second you slip into them.

One thing to watch out for is bumping up against any sort of sharp object. Just like down jackets, some reviewers note that the shell of these slippers is prone to rips and tears.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 12 Women's


The Best Orthotic Slippers

If you're struggling with foot pain in multiple areas, consider investing in these suede leather slippers by Orthofeet. Like any good pair of supportive slippers, they feature a premium orthotic insole with maximum arch support as well as extra heel cushioning. They also feature a non-binding, deep design, which allows for room to stretch out your toes. On top of all that, they've got air cushioning inside the sole to dramatically soften your step and ease any unwanted back and knee pain.

Overall, reviewers can't praise these slippers enough when it comes to comfort and durability. One wrote, "Comfortable shoes are a serious subject to me. I bought these slippers in 2014 and have worn them every day — snow, ice, rain, 105 summer — I've washed them in the washing machine many times and they are still going."

  • Available sizes: 5 - 12 Women's

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