The 40 Weirdest Best-Selling Products Under $30 On Amazon

If you're an avid online shopper, then you probably know how a simple Amazon search can unearth a myriad of emotions. There are the items that simplify your daily life, leaving you with pure joy. And then, there are the semi-confusing products that leave you scratching your head while trying to figure out what their purposes are. Because of the company's vast range of offerings, it should come as no surprise that some of its strangest items have actually become the weirdest best-selling Amazon products.

I mean, I bet you never knew you needed a trash bag hanger for your kitchen. And maybe it never crossed your mind that a neck pillow with a hoodie would bring you so much comfort. The point I'm trying to make here is that is everything deemed as "weird" shouldn't be categorized as "useless." In fact, once you try some of these things out, you might actually find yourself wishing that you encountered them much sooner.

To offer some examples, I've created a list of "weird" or unconventional products that are practically flying off the virtual shelves of Amazon. I can almost guarantee that they'll change your day-to-day life for the better — and the best part is that they're all under $30.


A Wine Aerator That's Shaped Like A Bubble

This unique wine aerator fits into any standard-sized bottle to work while it pours through a globe-like opening. It's made with high-quality borosilicate glass, and its silicone base allows for a tight fit that helps prevent spills. The in-bottle aerator also comes with drying rack that can be used after cleaning the spout.


These Heel Socks That Are Lined With Moisturizing Gel

You can soothe and repair your dry heels overnight by wearing these moisturizing gel socks. They're made to be worn on their own, but the brand encourages customers to use them in conjunction with other moisturizers for extra healing and hydration. One size fits most, and they come in a pack of four. That way, you can share them or keep using them on your own.


This Cream That's Made With Snail Mucus Extract

Made with snail mucus extract, this repair cream works to revive complexions while brightening and retaining moisture. In addition to snail mucus filtrate, it's also fortified with adenosine, peptides, and vitamin 5. Formulated without the use of fragrances, artificial colors, and parabens, it's a great option for all skin types.


The Handheld Egg Peeler That Makes Breakfast A Breeze

Never go through the hassle of messy egg-peeling ever again, thanks to this boiled egg peeler. Simply place your hard-boiled egg inside, add a little water, and shake it until the shell loosens up. This particular container comes in a variety of colors to match your decor, making it a great complement to any kitchen.


These Unique Colorful String Lights That Are Waterproof

Decorate both inside and outside your house using these LED globe string lights. Completely waterproof, this set features a timer that allows you to program your lighting for daily use. It also features eight speed modes to add variety with every shine, and it's accompanied by a wireless remote for easy manual control.


A Scalp-Massaging Shampoo Brush That Vibrates

Get the most out your next shampoo session with this scalp-massaging brush. The battery-operated device uses vibrating pulses that help scrub and soothe your scalp as you lather. Made with flexible rubber tips, it's a great tool for enhancing blood circulation — and it's available in four colors.


The Alarm Clock That Shakes Your Bed To Wake You Up

Heavy sleepers take notice: This loud alarm clock is designed with a literal bed-shaker to prevent you from oversleeping. It also features a large, dimmable time display for easy visibility — and it comes with two USB ports for charging external devices (like your phone).


A Himalayan Salt Scrub Made With Lychee And Almond Oil

This all-natural Himalayan pink salt scrub is great for both your body and face. It's formulated with lychee fruit, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and more — all of which help rejuvenate your skin in different ways. Those ingredients work while the texture of the salt removes dirt and other impurities from your complexion.


A Microwavable Sack That Cooks Potatoes In 4 Minutes

Make a quick-and-easy dinner with this microwavable potato bag. The polyester sack perfectly prepares all types of potatoes — but it's also great for cooking up corn, tortillas, and more. It's both washable and reusable, and it's made to heat your snacks to perfection in just four minutes.


The Bubbling Face Mask That Exfoliates Your Skin

Formulated with charcoal powder, lavender extract, and other nurturing ingredients, this easy-to-use Korean bubble clay mask works to prevent and remove blackheads on contact. It's both gentle and fast-acting, too: Simply slather it onto your face and watch the bubbling action detox your skin while whisking away dirt.


These Lid Lifters That Help Prevent Boiling Water Spills

Prevent unwanted drips and spills with this set of silicone lid lifters. They can easily be propped on top of saucepan lids to help prevent contents from boiling over. Made of food-grade silicone, these heat-resistant figures are also great for supporting lids and spoons when they're not in use.


A Technicolor Can Holder That Keeps Beverages Cold

Keep beverages extra-cold for extended periods of time using this three-in-one stainless steel can holder. It has the ability to comfortably fit 16-ounce containers, but it can also be used to hold 12-ounce cans using the included gel pack. It works to securely hold cans with the help of push-lock technology that helps keeps everything tightly in place.


The Toothpaste Tube Squeezer That Gets Every Last Drop

Get every last drop of toothpaste with this tube squeezer. To use the device, simply place the flat end of your tube into the provided slot — and then, feed it through. The squeezers help you get every remaining bit of toothpaste out, and they come in a pack of four that can be used over and over again.


A Flannel Pizza Blanket That's Just As Cozy As The Burrito

This pizza blanket is a great gift for any foodie, because it's both fun and functional. It's designed in a round shape that allows you to wrap up comfortable on chilly days and nights. Plus, the flannel is both soft and easy to launder in the washing machine whenever a cleaning is needed. If you already own the trendy burrito throw, then add this to your collection.


A Mouthwash That's Formulated With Activated Charcoal

This mouthwash eliminates odor-causing bacteria while brightening your smile at the same time. It's formulated with activated charcoal, natural mint flavor, tea tree oil, and more — and according to reviewers, it tastes great. Sold in a pack of three, this product is vegan and cruelty-free. It contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, fluoride, dye, alcohol, parabens, or gluten.


The Multipurpose Tool That Fits Into Your Wallet

The multitool Wallet Ninja can handle a myriad of tasks. It's made from heat-treated steel and has the ability to open cans, envelopes, and boxes. However, it can also peel fruit, turn nails, measure various items, and more. It's designed to fit into your wallet, and it's meant to never rust or bend.


A Water Bottle That Doubles As A Bluetooth Speaker

You'll be able to stay hydrated and entertained with this stainless steel water bottle. It glows every hour to remind you to drink up, but it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker that boasts dancing lights. It's made of vacuum-insulated walls to keep your drinks at an optimal temperature, and it's completely BPA-free.


This Memory Foam Travel Pillow With A Built-In Hoodie

This unique pillow will keep you cozy throughout your travels while also providing some privacy whenever you snooze. The cushion is made of durable memory foam, and the soft hoodie portion is constructed to block out the light while keeping you warm and toasty. With a 4.5-star rating, it's clear that travelers are enjoying it.


This Hawaiian Kukui Nut Body Oil That Moisturizes Your Skin

You can moisturize your skin by adding this Hawaiian body oil to your routine. It's made with skin-softening kukui nut oil, but it's also backed with sunflower seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and almond oil to help fight dryness. This hydrating formula is also free of parabens and phthalates — and it's produced with 100% vegetarian ingredients.


A Wine Purse That Can Hold Up To 4 Bottles Of Vino

You can easily transport your favorite beverage with the help of this wine purse. It comes with a hidden spout and features two refillable baggies that can hold up to eight bottles of wine in total. The bag is perfect for visiting barbecues, concerts, and picnics. It's made from insulated neoprene and comes with a shoulder strap for easy traveling.


These Silicone Scrubbing Gloves That Will Replace Your Sponge

Slip on these scrubbing gloves for easy cleaning without the use of a sponge or dishcloth. Constructed with with hundreds of flexible cleaning bristles, these gloves are super simple to use. They're also a great tools for washing your car, bathing your pets, handling hot items, and more. That's because they're made with silicone that's dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Hanging Trash Bag That Comes In Handy While Cooking

This hanging trash bag is sure to come in handy when you're hosting barbecues, birthday parties, and other cooking events at home. It has the ability to hang just about anywhere, and it's super easy to install on doors and cabinets. That way, you can easily discard your trash whenever you need to.


This Cell Phone Holder With A Flexible Neck

This cell phone holder features a flexible arm that offers a 360-degree rotation, allowing you to use your mobile device from various angles and distances. It's simple to install and comes with a silicone-padded clip that protects the furniture that it's attached to. Made of aluminum alloy, the holder is extremely durable compatible with most cell phones.


A Cordless Water Flosser That Replaces The Old Method

Give your teeth a deep cleaning with this cordless water flosser, which uses liquid streams to remove debris. It features three different modes with 360-degree rotating nozzles, and it comes with five different flossing attachments. Plus, the device's rechargeable battery offers up to two weeks of power on one charge.


This Tea Infuser With A Built-In Plunger To Add Strength

Brew your own hot tea while using this loose leaf tea infuser. It's compatible with all types of tea, and it's easy to use. Simply add your favorite loose leaf tea to the strainer, and then use the included plunger to steep your beverage to your desired strength. You can also use the device to mix your tea as needed.


A Silicone Egg Separator That's Shaped Like A Fish

Separating eggs has never been so easy. This fish-shaped egg separator is a total breeze to handle. After collecting a yolk, simply squeeze the fish to push it out of its mouth. It's made with food-safe silicone and can be tossed into the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.


These Fierce Gardening Gloves That Help You Rake Through Dirt

These garden gloves make yard work simple. Thanks to their nifty claws, you'll be able to plant and cultivate soil at the same time. The waterproof design also keeps your hands protected, while the sharpened fingers eliminate the need for other tools. Choose from six colors and one size that fits most.


This Organic Body Wash That's Made With Spirulina

This organic body wash by The Seaweed Bath Co. is infused with a plethora of vitamins and minerals that help nourish, detoxify, and rejuvenate skin (without the use of harsh chemicals). Some of its nourishing ingredients include spirulina, aloe vera, coconut oil, and more. Formulated without the use of dyes, parabens, and gluten, its vegan and cruelty-free.


A Color-Changing Lip Balm That's Different For Everyone

Lipstick aficionados are going fall head-over-heels in love with this color-changing lip balm. It goes on clear and gradually reacts to your pH levels to create a shade of pink that compliments your skin tone. Infused with vitamin E, the formula also provides hydration and nourishment.


This Pack Of Beeswax-Infused Wraps That Keep Food Fresh

These beeswax food wraps are great alternatives to plastic wraps and other food-saving methods. They're made of beeswax-infused cotton that takes the shape of its contents once cooled — but they're also eco-friendly, fully biodegradable, and reusable. When finished, simply wash them with soap and cool water for long-lasting use.


The Easy-To-Use Tongue Cleaners That Are Made With Copper

You can easily eliminate the bacteria that causes odor in your mouth by using these tongue cleaners. Made of pure copper, the smooth, gag-preventing design of these cleaners help refresh your palate with just a few gentle strokes. One pack comes with 12 scrapers, so you can save them for future use or give them to family members.


A Set Of Colorful Silicone Utensils That Stand On Their Own

These silicone kitchen utensils are great functional conversation starters for any home. Each tool in the rainbow-hued kit is shaped in the form of a human that can stand up on its own. The colorful collection comes with a potato masher, whisk, spaghetti spoon, spatula, brush, and ice cream scoop that are all BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Solar-Powered Charging Bank For Outdoor Adventures

This solar-powered charging bank will keep all your mobile devices powered up and ready to use when you're on-the-go. Yes, the unit itself can be charged with the sun — but it can also be powered up with an outlet. The brand encourages the use of sun power as second option whenever you need it. Compatible with most new cell phone models, this power bank is simple to use by placing your cell on top of the platform.


These Stackable Molds That Make Jumbo Ice Cubes

Create large, round ice cubes with these stackable ice cube molds. The molds are both durable and BPA-free, and they create cubes that are 2.5 inches wide. The spheres help keep your drinks cooler for longer periods of time because it takes more time for them to melt.


A Growing Kit That Cultivates Unique Vegetables

This grower's kit provides everything you need to cultivate your own unique set of vegetables. It includes five biodegradable growing pots with discs that expand when watered, along with five seed sachets and markers. It even comes with a fully-comprehensive set of tips for sowing and growing purple carrots, brussels sprouts, stripped tomatoes, and more.


This Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush That Vibrates

Get the ultimate cleansing and exfoliation experience with this silicone facial cleansing brush. It comes with four modes that vibrate and massage your complexion based off your needs. The device is also waterproof and can be quickly recharged on its magnetic base whenever you're not using it.


A Stylish Necklace That Diffuses Essential Oils

Relax and release on demand by using this essential oil diffuser necklace. Great for stressful times at work or school, this diffuser locket allows you to catch a whiff of your favorite scents whenever you need them. Each stainless steel chain and locket comes with four essential oils and six pads that absorb them.


These Garbage Disposal Cleaners That Smell Like Lemons

Keep your sink area smelling fresh with garbage disposal cleaners. These beaded deodorizers break open in seconds and work to dissolve food particles and grime, preventing clogging and unpleasant scents on contact. This particular value pack is good for a total of 40 lemon scented-treatments, which should leave things smelling citrusy for a long time to come.


A Bamboo Cutting Board That Prevents Food Contamination

This bamboo cutting board is easy to use an even easier to clean. It comes with seven color-coded mats that eliminate the issue of cross contamination while allowing you to chop and prepare various snacks at the same time. Each mat is BPA-free and can be stored right inside the board whenever you're not using it.


A Motion-Detecting Toilet Bowl Night Light That Changes Colors

Who knew going to the bathroom could be so much fun? This motion-detecting toilet bowl night light has the ability to sense body heat, illuminating the bowl as you enter the room. (It even shuts off when you leave.) The LED light comes with 16 colors, all of which can stay fixed or rotate on your demand.

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