The 5 Best Hair Colors To Cover Gray For Brunettes

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Going gray is chic as hell, but it's also optional. That being said, gray hair is harder to cover, especially when opting for darker or richer shades, because color can't penetrate gray hair as easily. If you're looking for the best hair colors to cover grays for brunettes there is, unfortunately, no single ingredient to look for that will ensure better gray-coverage. The best way to cover stubborn grays is to leave the color on longer, but beware that leaving the dye on for too long can cause damage. That's even more of a reason to look for dyes that promise to minimize damage and nourish your hair — and that have the user reviews to back up those claims. And don't forget to consider your personal preferences — are you looking for a semi-permanent or permanent solution? A touch-up or a full refresh?

When considering semi-permanent dyes versus permanent ones, keep in mind that there are pros and cons to each. Semi-permanent dyes will fade faster, but are less damaging so you can reapply them more liberally. Permanents ones on the other hand, while more damaging, last longer, look more natural, and typically come in a wider range of colors.

You can also consider minimizing damage by choosing using a hair dye that is designed to be used to touch up your hair. This will give you a targeted approach, which may be less of a hassle and save you from repeatedly dying your full head of hair.

At the end of the day, you have to pick an at-home hair dye that works best for you. Check out these great dyes, starting with permanent solutions and moving to more temporary options, to find your perfect match.

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This Best-Seller That Covers Every Last Gray

  • Permanent Hair Dye

Another excellent permanent solution is this cream hair dye that comes in 22 different brunette shades. This dying system works to seal, replenish, and condition your hair after treatment, so not only will your color look vibrant for weeks, but your hair will still feel buttery soft. On top of that, this kit even boasts that it covers 100% of grays — even the most stubborn ones — so you won't have to pick and pull at the errant strays that got away. This is one of the most popular root touch ups for brunettes out there, with over 2,000 reviewers weighing in.

According to one reviewer: "My hair looks consistently beautiful because of this wonderful, inexpensive product. I only color the [roots], never add color to the rest. Covers even stubborn grays. Takes me 12 minutes to apply to all roots. Perfect every time. Easy to use. Saves lots of time and money to do it yourself."


This Mess-Free Touch-up Kit That's Really Affordable

  • Permanent Hair Dye

Not only is this root-dying kit ridiculously easy to use, it's also permanent so you can skip your next salon appointment altogether. This kit comes with a low-ammonia color gel, pointed tip applicator bottle, and easy application brush. After mixing the color, just apply the tip of the bottle direct to your hair line, then smooth the dye over your roots with the brush. That's it! This kit makes it as easy as possible to cover grays, and for less than the $10, it's a total steal. Over a thousand reviewers agree that this kit is the best of the best. Best yet, this comes in a range of brunette shades so you can find the best one for your hair color.

According to one reviewer: "I had been going to the salon for years to cover my gray and was always afraid to try doing it myself. The picture on the box looked like my hair color, so I gave it a try. That was four months ago. I no longer go to the salon. It matched up perfectly and looks beautiful. I actually get more complements on my hair now. I have to keep it on for 15 to twenty minutes to really cover the grays, but it really works."


This Root Stick That's A Bit Less Messy

  • Permanent Hair Dye

Whether your hair's salon-dyed or treated at home, this permanent root stick covers grays in under five minutes. Here's how it works: Just pop off the top and pump the contents of this slim can right into its top (it doubles as a mixing bowl). Then, use the included brush to stir up the dye and smooth onto your roots. There's enough dye inside for three full treatments, and the kit comes with three sets of gloves, making this truly one of the most low-maintenance ways to cover your grays. This comes in five brunette shades, as well as some reddish brown shades for those whose hair has red undertones.

According to one reviewer: "I am so pleased with this product! I was showing my age and couldn't wait until next week to get my color done. I took a chance on this and couldn't believe how good my gray roots looked! This is SO easy to use and works great! I love the fact that you can pump out as much or as little as you need. I will definitely buy this again!"


This Binding Powder That Washes Out

  • Temporary Hair Dye

For a temporary fix, this binding powder is basically a miracle-worker. For one, there are no parabens, peroxide, or mineral oils in this powder, so you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging your hair. It's also so easy to use. Just dip the included sponge applicator into the powder and dust over your roots until you achieve the desired color effect. The binding agents lock color into place all day until you wash and rinse it out at night. It comes in dark, medium, and light brown.

According to one reviewer: "[I]t works! It has a little sponge on the bottom of the container that you use to rub on the hardened powder, and then you apply it to your roots. And it doesn't rub off on your clothes, fingers, or pillowcases!! It has enabled me to lengthen the time between colorings, thus saving me money. I definitely will buy it again, although it seems as if it will last a really long time."


This Quick Root Spray That Has Thousands Of Fans

  • Temporary Hair Dye

Over 6,000 Amazon reviewers swear by this magic root spray to temporarily cover their grays. For one, there's no ammonia or peroxide in this formula, and it's so lightweight that it barely feels like you're spraying anything on your hair at all. It's also smudge-free and doesn't stick (major bonus), so your hair will feel just as if you didn't apply anything. Plus, it takes less than a minute to spray into your hair and get going with your day. It comes in four brunette shades: light brown, light golden brown, medium brown, and dark brown.

According to one reviewer: "All I've got to say is thank God this product exists and it works so well!! I only used a tiny bit and quickly sprayed it and it already looks 100 times better! I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that it didn't change the feel/texture of my hair. I thought for sure that it would make my hair feel like a cross between hair spray and dry shampoo but it doesn't. Personally, I think it actually made my hair feel a little softer and cleaner."