5 Lightweight Water Bottles On Amazon — So You Can Hydrate Without The Extra Weight

Looking to drink more water, but don't want a reusable bottle weighing you down? Try one of the best lightweight water bottles. Below, you'll find water bottles that mostly weigh under half a pound (one weighs just over half a pound at 9.4 ounces), so read on to find the right lightweight water bottle to keep you hydrated.

When shopping, keep your lifestyle in mind. Many of my picks have convenient handles to keep your lightweight bottle with you on the go, but you’ll also find a collapsible bottle specially designed for travel, a squirt bottle for workouts, and a bottle with a built-in straw, if you prefer to sip.

Your lifestyle may also help you decide on a water bottle material since some may match your drinking habits better than others. Stainless steel — particularly vacuum-insulated stainless steel — is a durable material that's great at regulating beverage temperature. While glass is considered the safest by some, it’s also the most fragile option, and plastic is typically more durable than glass. Plastic is also more lightweight than both stainless steel and glass; so, you'll notice that the capacities of my stainless steel and glass picks are a bit less than my plastic picks.

However, plastic isn't naturally BPA-free like glass and stainless steel, and many choose to steer clear of plastics with BPA as this chemical is suspected to affect hormones like endocrine. For peace of mind, I've made sure all of my picks are BPA free.

Lastly, while all the bottles below are lightweight, know that their capacity will change their weight when full; i.e. a higher capacity bottle will weigh more when full.

To make shopping easy, check out the best lightweight water bottles below.

The Best Large-Capacity Lightweight Water Bottle

This wide-mouth 32-ounce Nalgene weighs less than half a pound when empty. It's made with transparent, BPA-free plastic that's dishwasher safe and impact resistant. It fits in most standard cup holders, and it has a handle for added on-the-go convenience and to keep you from losing your bottle's lid.

This pick is available in over 20 colors like olive, clear pink, and pomegranate, and your choice of different sizes ranging from 14 to 32 ounces, just know that sizing up or down will impact the weight. While the wide-mouth design makes this pick easier to clean, if you prefer a narrow mouth, check out this other Nalgene option. Plus, this pick is backed by a 4.7-star rating after over 8,000 reviews.

What fans love: "I've tried a bunch of different water bottles and this is my favorite by far. It's simple, easy to clean, lightweight, and inexpensive. I like to keep at least 3-4 around. I wash them in the top rack of my dishwasher and they hold up very well. Good, all-purpose bottles that come in a bunch of different colors. I also like the fact that I can't taste the bottle in my water. [...] Highly recommend!"

The Best Collapsible, Lightweight Water Bottle That’s Great For Travel

The Platypus Soft Bottle is fully collapsible and perfect for travel. With a 0.5-liter capacity, it weighs less than one-tenth of a pound when empty, and it's made with BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free plastic to boot. It's also dishwasher safe and comes in a 1-liter option with eight different color and print options, including a steely gray and a few nature-inspired prints with trees and waves.

What fans love: "I use these all the time for hiking and travel, especially backpacking. I recommend you buy 3 or 4, and bring all of them when you go. They're very lightweight, and you can fit several into your pocket when they're empty."

The Best Lightweight, Stainless-Steel Pick With A Built-In Straw

This stainless steel 12-ounce water bottle by Simple Modern has a leak-proof lid with a built-in straw. It weighs less than half a pound when empty, and since it's vacuum-insulated, this pick keeps cold drinks cold for up to 18 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours. It also fits most standard cup holders and it comes in over 40 colors and patterns including blush, graphite, seaside, and sunshine. There are also different size options available ranging from 12 to 64 ounces, just know the weight when empty will increase as you increase the bottle's capacity.

What fans love: "I wanted a small bottle with a straw to take to the gym. This is perfect. Lightweight and fits in my hand easily. Nice secure seal. Love the fun colors."

The Best Lightweight Glass Water Bottle That’s Super Cute

This beautiful and lightweight 8-ounce glass water bottle by bkr weighs a little over half a pound when empty, and it comes with a silicone cover. This pick also boasts a twist-on cap with a handle, and it's top-rack dishwasher safe. But if you're looking for an all-glass option, the silicone sleeve on this pick shouldn't deter you since silicone is naturally BPA free and doesn't react with food or drink. Plus, this pick comes in more than a dozen colors including a neon coral, a midnight navy, and a peppermint green as well as you choice of three size options including 8, 16, and 32 ounces; just know that if you increase the capacity, the weight will also increase.

What fans love: "It took me forever to find the perfect water bottle. Plastic bottles would always end up smelling gross and tasting weird. I'm extremely picky with the way my water tastes [...] It looks sleek and [professional] which makes it the perfect accessory. I don't find it heavy at all with and without it full of water. Can't wait to buy more colors!"

The Best Lightweight, Insulated Sport Water Bottle

Perfect for when you need your water bottle to keep up with an active lifestyle, this U.S.-made insulated water bottle by Polar Bottle is made with 100% BPA-free plastic, and it weighs just over one-tenth of a pound when empty. This pick boasts double-wall insulation with foil layers, and its wide-mouth design makes it a cinch to refill and clean. It also has a carrying strap for maximum convenience, and the squirt top lid is great for hydrating on the go. This water bottle is dishwasher- and freezer-safe. It also comes in 13 different colors and prints including island blossom, platinum, and starburst.

What fans love: "Love this water bottle.The opening is big enough to fit under the ice cube/water machine in my fridge, which is a big problem I have with some water bottles. It keeps drinks pretty cool, the ice doesn't stay cold long like it would in a stainless steel bottle, but it's lightweight and perfect for taking to the gym. It also has the nice little black strap that goes on it so you can hang it from the equipment at the gym or clip it on to a backpack etc.. and it was a great price!"

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