You Don't Have To Spend $14 — These Glossier Lip Gloss Dupes Are Just As Good

Even the absolute greatest beauty products can be rivaled, which is why beauty lovers are searching far and wide for the best Glossier lip gloss dupes. After its initial limited-edition release in 2016 (and its re-release in 2017), Glossier's lip gloss quickly earned a cult following. Users of the product have consistently raved about its ability to provide a sheer, non-sticky, glassy finish — without leaving lips feeling dry or parched.

That said, at $14 for 0.14 fluid ounces, many fans have begun to look for a more affordable alternative. Others are frustrated with having to wait until Glossier's products are restocked, and some just require gentler ingredients due to sensitive skin. Thankfully, selecting a great Glossier dupe isn't as hard as it seems; you just need to pinpoint the qualities that make this gloss so great.

For starters, it's important to choose a gloss with the ability to re-create the coveted high-powered shine. This is, after all, probably the reason you fell in love with this gloss in the first place. As a result, the glossier the alternative, the better. Emollients and thickeners are often added to formulas to give them a glossy sheen, but this is where things can get complicated. Certain shiny ingredients like waxes and clays can also create a sticky consistency, which is the opposite of what you're looking for in a Glossier dupe.

Another one of Glossier's major perks is its ultra-hydrating formula, which is enriched with a blend of natural oils and vitamin E. When trying to select a suitable alternative, you'll want to make sure that it contains tons of nourishing ingredients to help moisturize your lips throughout the day.

Now that you know what to look for, here are six of the absolute best Glossier lip gloss dupes. With their amazing ingredients and gleaming reviews, they definitely won't disappoint.


The Best Glossier Lip Gloss Dupe, All Things Considered

E.L.F. Cosmetics's lip lacquer is extremely similar to Glossier's lip gloss in that it's both shiny and moisturizing. This is due to its hydrating formula, which is packed with nourishing emollients such as vitamin E and avocado oil.

The glassy finish of this pick can either be worn alone or in conjunction with your favorite stain or lipstick, making it a versatile substitute for the popular brand. That said, at $5 a tube, it's just a small fraction of the price you'd be paying for the original. As an added bonus, it's also both vegan and cruelty-free, which makes it great for those who prefer beauty products that don't harm animals.

Reviewers say: "I love this lip gloss. It's cheap, great quality and most importantly, it looks so nice!" Another fan directly called out the resemblance, referring to it as a "smooth dupe for Glossier."


The Most Affordable Glossier Lip Gloss Dupe

If you've spent any amount of time searching for quality dupes, then you know how difficult it can be to find a product that nourishes, protects, and looks good — all while remaining reasonably affordable. It seems, however, that L.A. Colors's High Shine shea butter lip gloss is a product that totally dispels that notion of impossibility.

Not only is it an extremely hydrating and moisturizing substitute (thanks to the non-sticky vitamin E and shea butter formula), but at less than $4 for 0.14 fluid ounces, it's also an amazing bargain. Last but not least, this pick has more than 200 five-star reviews on Amazon, so it's well-tested and well-loved. (The clear version is the most obvious substitute for Glossier, but it's worth noting that reviewers love the other 17 tinted options just as much.)

Reviewers say: "This lip gloss is a perfect alternative to expensive clear glosses. Good scent. Not sticky and super smooth. Super clean packaging. Huge recommendation!"


The Best Conditioning Dupe

If you tend to have dry, cracked lips, the wrong lip product can worsen the issue with abrasive, dehydrating ingredients. Wet & Wild Megaslicks lip gloss, on the other hand, is a highly nourishing dupe for Glossier's product, and it still creates a long-lasting sheen. It contains vitamins A and E as well as aloe vera to moisturize and condition lips throughout the day.

Thanks to its incredible price point and conditioning properties, this gloss is a great choice for everyday wear — unlike other lip products, which might require a break in between. A few swipes of this gloss's wand will leave your lips looking (and feeling) especially healthy.

Reviewers say: Put simply, "My favorite."


The Dupe With The Most Shine

Essence's Shine Shine Shine lip gloss totally lives up to every bit of its name, leaving lips with an amazingly glossy, wet-looking finish. Much like Glossier's version, this pick has gotten ample recognition because it goes on smooth, and offers total comfort and maximum moisture throughout the day. Its special heart-shape applicator also does an awesome job at helping it glide on easily. Finally, the light-reflecting formula emphasizes the natural color of your lips, or heightens stains and lipstick shades when worn on top.

Reviewers say: "This lip gloss is super shiny and stays on for a long time. Note that it is thick (which I love) but not particularly sticky like some. It looks great over natural lips and over lipsticks or lip pencils."


The Best Gentle Dupe For Sensitive Lips

The P/Y/T Beauty lip gloss is a clear-cut winner for anyone looking for a dupe that is also free of harsh ingredients. Instead of common allergens, it's formulated with gentle ingredients such as mango seed butter, avocado oil, jojoba, vitamin E, and manuka honey — all of which create a great formula that moisturizes, protects, and hydrates the lips.

In addition to its nourishing properties, the gloss is also cruelty-free and skips the parabens, fragrances, and petroleum. For that reason, it's a reliable, hypoallergenic alternative for people who commonly experience reactions to lip products.

Reviewers say: "Unlike other lip plumpers that I’ve tried this one does not tingle! Gives your lips a nice glossy look that does not get sticky. Can wear over lip stick or chapstick without issue. Did not leave my lips feeling dry the next day." Another commenter raved, "I have sensitive lips and this stuff is great."


The Best Scented Variety Pack

Lip Smackers are always a fan-favorite throwback to the '90s, and there's plenty of shine to go around when it comes to their five-piece friendship pack. This little kit includes three originals and two shimmer glosses that glide on to make lips look fuller and plumper — much like Glossier's formula. With this pick, you're getting five mini, travel-friendly glosses for less than $10.

That said, the real selling point here is the amazing scents. This kit offers five delicious options in one: Tropical Punch, Strawberry Sprinkle, Cotton Candy, Spun Sugar, and Strawberry. That way, you can switch up your flavor while still keeping your lips shiny and hydrated.

Reviewers say: "Such a wonderful throwback. I wanted a small, clear gloss to fit in my bag ... This pack comes with five," one reviewer raves. "I’d recommend them for anyone who wants an inexpensive, compact, shiny, clear gloss for day or night." Meanwhile, another user commented, "I prefer this over the expensive glosses," because they produce the "same results."

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