Step Up Your Entryway With These Cute & Durable Doormats

You'd think something as simple as a doormat would be easy to shop for, but there are a surprising number of factors that go into finding a good one. In addition to finding a mat that's cute and aesthetically pleasing, you want something that will do its job effectively and hold up over time. To help you in your search, I've put together a list of the best outdoor doormats below. As you look through them, keep in mind that material plays a big role.

Coir, for example — a rough fiber made from coconuts — is one of the most common materials used for outdoor mats. It's popular because the fibers work as natural scrapers to remove dirt, sand, and pebbles from the tread of your shoes. It's also very durable, which is a big selling point for outdoor mats. However, it's not especially absorbent, so if you deal with a lot of rain and mud, you may want to opt for something made with polyester or microfiber instead.

Another option is a mat made of rubber or plastic. The advantage of this is that, if designed properly, water will be able to drain and run off so it doesn't collect. Astroturf (which is made of plastic) is especially great because in addition to handling water well, it also does a good job of scraping dirt and debris.

Beyond material, it's helpful if the mat has some sort of rubber or grippy texture on the bottom so it doesn't slide around. You may also want a mat that's especially easy to clean. Most doormats can be simply shaken off or vacuumed, while others can handle being hosed down with water, and a select few are even machine washable.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, check out the best outdoor doormats below.

PVC material


This 100% Natural Coir Welcome Mat That Comes In A Variety Of Designs

What's great about it: This versatile outdoor doormat comes in six designs and patterns, ranging from classic stripes to a cute cactus print. It's made with 100% natural coir fibers and a no-slip bottom, making it durable and great at scraping dirt, sand, and mud from your shoes. Best of all, it's easy to clean with a quick shake or simple run of a vacuum.

One reviewer wrote: "Love this rug! So cute and perfect fit for my front door."


This Cute Yet Durable PVC Mat That Drains Water So It Doesn't Collect

What's great about it: Constructed with tough, durable PVC (a form of plastic), this sturdy mat is one of the best outdoor doormats that drains water, blending style and functionality. It's specifically engineered to funnel water through the gaps so that it won't collect. With a nonslip backing to keep it in place, this mat collects mud and debris from your shoes and is easy to clean, according to reviewers (just vacuum it or give it a gentle shake). What's more, it comes in five cute designs.

One reviewer wrote: "Just what the front door needed. Perfect for wiping the feet before entry. Doesn't hold water like a solid mat. Dirt falls directly through. Lightweight so it can be easily shaken. Dries quickly after rinsing with the hose. No issues. Good size for entryway."


A Super Popular Microfiber Mat That's Great For Muddy Dog Paws

What's great about it: If you're the proud parent of a fur-child, this microfiber option is one of the bests doormats for dogs. The popular mat, which has over 3,600 reviews, is highly absorbent, capable of grabbing mud off dirty paws so your pup can go inside without bringing the dog park along. The double-stitched microfiber is exceptionally durable, and it has nonskid rubber on the bottom so it won't slide around. Available in 13 colors, this pick is the only one on my list that's machine washable, making clean up super easy.

One reviewer wrote: "We currently have six dogs running in and out. Some are ours and others we are fostering for rescue. Needles to say, muddy paws are a huge problem! ... These rugs are AMAZING! They can hold a lot of mud and dirt! I just roll them up, take them outside and shake them and I’m always astounded at what comes out."


These Colorful Coir Mats With A Variety Of Fun Designs

What's great about it: With 28 different patterns to choose from, these decorative doormats offer something for everyone. They're super versatile, with designs aimed at folks who love cats, dogs, wine, beer, bikes, and more. They're built with 100% coconut coir fibers, which do an excellent job of scraping things off your shoes while also offering top-notch durability. They also have a grippy bottom for stability. The mats are easy to shake out and can even be sprayed down with a hose if needed.

One reviewer wrote: "Welcome mats: they serve a purpose. I like mine durable and cute. I know; cute doesn't matter to some people but to me, it does. So, this serves both purposes nicely."


An AstroTurf Mat That Effectively Deals With Sand And Small Pebbles

What's great about it: If you live at the beach or another place that's prone to sand, you'll love this highly effective pick from GrassWorx. Made of tough AstroTurf, it's one of the best doormats for sand due to the rough plastic that digs fine debris out from your shoes and traps it so it stays outside where it belongs. It can hold up to 2 pounds of dirt at a time, according to the brand. To clean it, all you have to do is spray it down with a hose. The material is extremely durable and it has convenient nonslip material on the bottom. This mat comes in your choice of four subdued colors.

One reviewer wrote: "Living in Florida, we have a lot of sandy soil. With four dogs running in and out, they track all of it in daily. This mat has reduced the mess, and when I lifted it off of the concrete to clean, I was amazed at the amount of sand that it had captured. I am ordering another for the patio door entrance."


A Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat With a Built-In Scraper For Extra Muddy Shoes

What's great about it: Designed specifically for scraping mud off boots and shoes, this tough outdoor doormat is constructed with built-in mud brushes, in addition to heavy-duty, weather-resistant rubber with bristles. It's extremely rugged and durable — and it grips the ground well, too. On top of all that, this mat can be hosed down or shaken to clean. It doesn't come in any colorful design options, but if you're looking for a mat that's built for utility, this is the one.

One reviewer wrote: "Love it! I walk my dog in all kinds of sandy muddy terrain & my shoes are a mess when we finish. The rubber scrapers clean the bottom of the shoes & I use the brushes to clean the sides & uppers. Works great."

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