7 Fab Last Minute Brit Pop Culture Costumes To Cobble Together For Halloween 2019

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God bless the 24 news cycle and social media for giving us an endless stream of meme-able content this year. And, as we all know, where there's memes, there's costume ideas. So picking out the best 2019 UK pop culture Halloween costumes may actually take a lot longer than you think. Considering the amount of viral news that's hit you like a tonne of bricks in 2019, the options are seemingly endless. Luckily, I've compiled a list of the best ideas that are sure to make an impact whatever you're up to on Oct. 31.

The one thing about picking a costume for Halloween, especially if it's a pop culture reference, is that is absolutely has to be identifiable. Niche costumes are great but, I mean, who wants to spend the whole night explaining to other people what they're dressed up as? Not me.

Another thing to remember when picking a pop-culture-related costume is that you can't be afraid to look a bit, well, unattractive. There are plenty of costume choices out there that will help you look Halloween, but make it fashion, but pop culture costumes are unlikely to. Instead, they're all about the comedy.

Keep reading for all the best pop culture gags you can riff off this Halloween.

It's..........Rebekah Vardy's Account
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Right, the opportunities here are fairly vast. Independently, you could simply print the famous tweet from the one and only Coleen Rooney onto a t-shirt. Or you and your BFF could actually be dress up as Rooney and Vardy. Perfect chance for some improv and pretend arguments. All you have to do is to dust off any old Von Dutch caps you've got lying around (no, just me?), get your favourite lipgloss on, a t-shirt emblazoned the respective woman's husband's team, and rock that WAG style.

Boris Johnson
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Get thee a blonde wig and start bumbling a lot. A good one if you can borrow a black suit and don't mind bumping into a gazillion other people dressed like you. As a matter of fact, according to the Metro, this look is set to be one of the most popular this year.

A Love Islander

Kills every year. Plus this one is actually genius because, you guys, all you have to do is pull out your summer swimsuit. Spend the whole night talking about who's your type on paper and, there you have it, you've slain Halloween.

Derry Girls
Channel 4

One of the biggest hit shows from the last few years and ideal for a group costume situation. Admit it, you've kept your school uniform. Crack it out and have an old-timey reunion with your gals.

Rylan Clarke-Neal
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Rylan has been absolutely everywhere this year, and we love it. Full disclosure, this costume is about the beard. There's nothing like the fun of wearing a fake beard and having that moment when you're like, "hey, do I look hot with a beard?"

Not only is Clarke-Neal one of the country's most beloved TV personalities (and one of the busiest), you guys, his beard is impeccable. So all you need for this one is some skinny jeans, a nice white top, and a Sharpie for that beard. You can worry about getting it off tomorrow.

The Black Rod
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Were you as shocked when Parliament proceedings were interrupted by a woman dressed in bizarre clothing, holding a stick, started banging on the doors, and shouting at everyone? Yes, me too. But mainly I was entranced by her power, her glare, and of course that ruffle. And TBH I saw instant Halloween potential.

If you get a simple black outfit and are a bit thrifty with an old white teeshirt, you have a black rod look. Simply shred that tee a bit and tuck it in your top for an easy look. Ideal for a costume that's a bit

Vanessa Gold

News that Footballer's Wives is back — this time as a theatre show — has delighted fans of the long-finished ITV series. With huge buzz around the show right now, what better time to go as one of its lead characters for Halloween?

Chuck on some long acrylics, a throw-back early naughties dress, and start puffing a cigarette (fake, of course) and you're golden — or should I say, Vanessa Gold-en?