9 Romantic Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

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If you've ever browsed the Documentary section on your Netflix account, then you know that the majority of the docs available to stream are on one of two subjects: Nazis and serial killers. Lighthearted documentaries are hard to come by in general, let alone on Netflix. But, don't give up hope yet, romantics — fun and romance might be hard to find on Netflix, but the genre is far from dead. For your viewing pleasure, I've found the nine most romantic documentaries on Netflix right now, listed below.

Before we get to the list of romantic documentaries, a disclaimer: I took a somewhat liberal definition of romantic. When I think of romance and movies, I think of love stories, of boy meets girl (or boy meets boy, girl meets girl, etc.). But, romance isn't necessarily about attraction and love — it can be about familial love. For example, there's something romantic about watching a mother fall in love with her child, or watching someone honor the one they love. Documentaries don't have to be about a traditional couple to be truly romantic. With that said, here are the nine most romantic documentaries on Netflix available to stream right now. (What are you waiting for? Start watching!)


'Steal A Pencil For Me'

A married man finds love in a concentration camp during WWII. Love in a hopeless place, indeed.



Babies chronicles the first years of four babies from around the world, and you will fall in love with every one of them.


'Autism in Love'

Autism in Love is a study of the concepts of love, autism, and social norms.


'Life Itself'

Don't ever try to tell me that a man's love of movies is any less romantic than a man's love of a partner.



Warning: Bridegroom will break your heart. But, the documentary, which explores a how a man deals with the loss of his partner, is all about love and romance, even if it is tragic.


'Our Last Tango'

Because what's more romantic than the tango?


'Hell And Back Again'

Hell and Back Again is an intense story of love, war, and PTSD. Not for the faint of heart.


'The Drop Box'

A Korean pastor opened up his home in South Korea to babies abandoned by their mothers, and created a temporary home for them. True love at its purest.


'When Hari Got Married'

When Hari Got Married will make you question how you define romance, love, and marriage in your own life. Romance is a tricky thing, especially in a world of arranged marriages and unknown commitments.

Any one of these films will leave you with a deeper understanding of what romance means to you, so don't watch a romantic documentary unless you're fully prepared to be a little bit romanced yourself.