'The Addams Family' Is Getting An Animated Reboot & This 'Star Wars' Fave May Join The Cast

Snap those fingers everyone, because The Addams Family is getting an animated reboot. The news gets even better though. Not only is the mysterious and spooky brood heading back to the big screen, Poe Dameron might be joining the family. According to Variety, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac is in talks to voice Gomez Addams. The time to get excited is now, people.

The talks for Isaac to voice Gomez are still reportedly in the early stages, but if MGM can nab the star it will be quite the coup. The Star Wars fan favorite oozes the chemistry necessary to embody the witty Gomez. In the '90s films, Raúl Juliá took on the role of the Addams' family patriarch, and before him John Astin starred in the '60s TV series. No matter who stars as Gomez, the character always possesses a dry wit and sense of mischievousness that makes him perfect to head up such a macabre household.

So far, there's no word on who could voice other key family members like Gomez's wife Morticia or the iconic Wednesday Addams. Even though casting is just now getting underway, it's hard not to get excited about the possibility of the Addams Family returning for another film adventure — even if it's an animated one.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld's '90s films are unforgettable, and they've become an enduring part of the Halloween season thanks to Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween lineup. While it might actually be impossible to get tired of those two perfect pieces of cinematic goodness, having a new take on the family could be fun.

MGM is planning to release the animated movie on Oct. 11, 2019— which may leave '90s kids with a dilemma on their hands. That also happens to be the planned release date for the Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie, so you might want to go ahead and plan for a double feature night. Let's be real, having both of these spooky properties returning at the same time is the best kind of problem.

Details on both projects remain scarce at this early stage, but the director of The Addams Family may offer up a clue about the animated film's tone. Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon is set to helm the film, which means it may not be the kid-friendly kind of animated film. The Addams Family started life as a comic strip in The New Yorker, and according to Collider, that's the vibe the film may be going for.

Whatever form the film ultimately takes it will likely satisfy fans of The Addams Family. Few franchises have ever had a more adaptable tone — the characters can be silly, dark, and, on occasion, downright morbid. And they've always found a way to cross the generation gap in the past, which has to take some of the pressure off the studio.

Still, having Isaac on board won't hurt. Since he landed the role of Poe Dameron, people haven't been able to get enough of the actor. Even if he's animated, he'll likely still draw in his passionate fanbase. He and Gomez truly seem like a match made in gothic heaven. Would it be too much to request Anjelica Huston reprise her role as Morticia? Because together those two actors could make some serious vocal magic together.

With any luck, MGM will lock Isaac down soon. Now that the prospect of him reviving Gomez Addams is out there in the world, it's too good to let the idea go without a fight. In fact, just the reality of knowing The Addams Family is getting a reboot is joyous. They may be a creepy brood, but they're also one of the best fictional families ever — and if anyone deserves the reboot treatment, it's the Addams.