The 'Bachelor' Producers Just Trolled Peter With A *Chef's Kiss* Windmill Joke

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Just when you thought that The Bachelor had run out of windmill jokes, they managed to sneak one in — all the way in Peru. After last week's Very Dramatic departures — which included Victoria P., Tammy, Mykenna, and Sydney being eliminated in Chile — Peter began the most recent episode of the show walking around Lima deep in thought about his relationships with the remaining women. Of course, the producers couldn't help but throw in a subtle reference to his infamous windmill Fantasy Suite date with Hannah B. while he was doing so. In a shot of him staring thoughtfully at a group of paintings for sale on the street, there was a carefully placed windmill painting in the top right corner.

Though the windmill references have died down in recent weeks, the first few episodes of Peter's Bachelor season were packed with jokes about his wild night in Greece with Hannah. In fact, the windmill had become such a big part of Peter's journey that Deandra even arrived to the Bachelor Mansion wearing giant windmill arms on her back before cheekily asking the pilot if he was "ready for round five."

The windmill also played a major role in Peter and Hannah's brief reunion on the second group date, during which the former Bachelorette proposed that all of the girls tell their wildest hookup stories in front of an audience after sharing her own recollection of her Fantasy Suite date with Peter. "It was a memorable moment, I think, for everyone. So they had to put it in [there]" Hannah told Entertainment Weekly in January of the Bachelor's frequent references to their night together.

This is far from the first time that Bachelor Nation has pointed out the sneaky ways that the show's producers have poked fun at the franchise's leads and contestants. This season alone, the show managed to surprise both Peter and Victoria F. with a concert from her ex, country star Chase Rice, that left both Victoria and the singer blindsided. Compared to that dramatic moment, having Peter stare at a painting of a windmill while reminiscing on his relationship with Hannah Brown is pretty tame.

Still, this is only further proof that the Bachelor producers really do work harder than the devil.