Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi Combat Breakup Rumors With New Photo

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Relationships are hard under the best of circumstances, but imagine having your every move scrutinized by the entire country. That's the reality of being reality stars as Bachelor couple Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have found out since Grimaldi accepted the final rose. While rumors have been swirling in Bachelor Nation that the couple is having issues, Viall posted an Instagram picture with his fiancée on Saturday that seemed to be aimed at the haters. Not only are they all smiles in the picture, it was taken at Viall's sister's wedding, according to E!.

Now, no one can truly know what is going on in a relationship aside from the people in it, but this Bachelor couple appears to be happy. In the photo, they're being adorably goofy, as Grimaldi grins at the camera while Viall admires her legs. It's the kind of super couple-y photo that seems to magically appear all over your Facebook feed during this time of year — wedding season, as Viall points out.

Last week, US Weekly ran a story that suggested there was trouble in paradise for one of Bachelor Nation's most closely watched couples. Reportedly, Viall and Grimaldi barely spoke on a flight back from Puerto Vallarta, and their fellow passengers took notice. Whether things were tense between the pair or not, one bad flight hardly spells the end of a relationship.

As you can see in Viall's photo, the couple seem to be enjoying each other's company at a family event. The post feels a bit pointed in light of all the break-up rumors, it's true. But it could also be seen as a reminder that reality show contestants or not, these two are in a new and exciting relationship, and they want to show it off.

Loving to hate Viall and Grimaldi may be the trend in Bachelor Nation right now, but it's time to give these two some credit. They're making a relationship that started on television work, while also balancing the fact that their families live in two different countries. Who knows what the future holds for the couple, but for now they seem to be very much in love, so let's give the breakup rumors a rest.