'Beauty And The Beast's Voice Cast Is So Good

Beauty and the Beast is, without a doubt, one of the most enchanting animated Disney movies. I mean, it's quite literally set in an enchanted castle. From Mrs. Potts to Lumiére, to really the Beast himself, everything about Beauty and the Beast is made with beautiful and whimsical magic. And the new live action Beauty and the Beast is no different. Are we all excited to see Emma Watson star as Belle in what might be one of the most perfect casting instances in Hollywood history? Hell yes. But, another big draw to the film is the Beauty and the Beast voice cast who will bring all the magical objects to life.

It's tough to live up to a Disney classic, and no doubt the Beauty and the Beast voice cast will be judged harshly by fans, many of whom know the original by heart. Knowing this, Disney enlisted a cast of A-list stars and recognizable voices to fill the shoes of the original cast. The new voice cast of Beauty and the Beast includes Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, and even Broadway darling Audra McDonald. Granted, many actors change their voices slightly for voice over work, so don't expect to be able to guess who's who in the movie. Lucky for you, I'm here to help. Here's a Beauty and the Beast voice cast roundup to help you keep all the names, faces, and voices straight.

Ewan McGregor As Lumière

McGregor will take a crack at a French accent when he voices the charismatic and slightly over-the-top Lumière.

Ian McKellen As Cogsworth

Ian McKellen's famously low and powerful voice will be behind Cogsworth, the slightly more cautious counterpart to Lumière. Get ready for that McGregor-McKellen bromance you've been waiting for.

Emma Thompson As Mrs. Potts

Emma Thompson will play Mrs. Potts, the motherly tea pot who befriends Belle early on.

Nathan Mack As Chip

Nathan Mack will make his big screen debut as Chip, Mrs. Potts' young teacup son.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw As Plumette

Gugu Mbatha-Raw will voice the sexy feather duster known as Plumette. No word on whether or not she'll be as close to Lumière in this movie as she was in the original.

Audra McDonald As Garderobe

Get ready for some serious pipes coming from Garderobe, the wardrobe in Belle's room, as played by McDonald.

Stanley Tucci As Cadenza

Finally, Stanley Tucci will play Cadenza, a sort of piano-like instrument, seen here with Lumière and Clogsworth. Cadenza is the only CGI character that wasn't in the original Beauty and the Beast.

Of course, it's a shame to have all these stars and never actually show them on camera. But, if you've seen Beauty and the Beast (slight spoilers ahead), then you know that all of the object characters eventually turn back into humans, so we will be seeing the voices behind the characters in the film. I can't wait.