15 Gift Ideas For When You Have No Idea What To Get Your New Partner

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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It's hard to pick out a gift for a new partner.

If you just recently ventured into a romantic relationship with someone and are feeling conflicted about what to gift them for the holidays, you're not alone. New relationship gift ideas are complicated, because you don't know each other that well yet, and you might not be on the same page about gifting in general. If you're just barely official and Christmas is fast approaching, to gift or not to gift is not necessarily intuitive. If you're unsure, you don't want to get anything too extravagant or expensive, but at the same time you don't want to get anything lame or impersonal.

Finding the perfect gift for your fresh partner feels like an important task, because you want to be generous and impressive. A great gift makes you look good, let's be real. Here I've curated a list of simple, low-key gifts that will show your partner (or potential parter) that you not only took the time to consider them this holiday season, but also that you have incredible taste. If for some reason you weren't on the same page about exchanging gifts, these items are small enough that they won't make your partner feel terrible for not bringing you a gift, making things awkward. What's more, some of these gifts double as activities that the two of you can enjoy together.

1. A Pop Culture Game

Everyone loves The Office, and if your partner doesn't...well, it's good that you know now. This board game is funny and engaging — it's the kind of gift that will get opened and played immediately.

2. A Personalized Print

You can order a print from and have it arrive before Christmas if you're fast, so think about the things you know about your new partner and find them a print that shows you listen. Did they love cars? Are they dying to go to Iceland? Use the limited information you know about them to get them an incredibly thoughtful gift.

3. An Artsy Game

Why get your partner a regular chess set when you get get them this artisanal set, that's both a work of art and a game?

4. A Magnetic Picture Frame

Maybe don't fill these magnetic picture frames with pictures of yourself, but gift them without anything in them to your new partner so that you can look forward to filling them together.

5. A Cheeky Candle

It's a little on the nose, but according to reviews, this candle smells amazing. So if you have a goofy relationship with your new partner, get them this gag gift that they'll actually enjoy using.

6. A Drinking Game

Gift your partner this drinking game and get ready to have a very fun night that neither of you will remember. This game will give you a great excuse to get a big group together during the holidays, too.

7. A Retro Beanie

When in doubt, get your new partner a soft, trendy hat. You can never have enough beanies during the holiday season, and these are particularly cute.

8. A Monogramed Scarf

A soft scarf in the winter is a nice gift, but a monogramed scarf is a thoughtful gift that your new partner will appreciate even more.

9. A Heavy Duty Thermos

Everyone likes their warm drinks to stay warm and their cold drinks to stay cold! You don't have to know someone well to trust that they'll appreciate this heavy duty mug.

10. Grocery Delivery Service

Staying in and cooking together is romantic, but when it's too complicated or there's too much food shopping involved it can be stressful. Hungryroot sends groceries with meal suggestions that are super easy to follow, and you don't have to leave the house to prep for it. Use the service together and plan for a low-key cooking night in.

11. The Most Romantic Gadget In The World

If you've been with your partner for a little while and are officially in a relationship, gift this device for endless romantic opportunities. It's a little note box with a digital screen inside. You and your partner download the app that goes with it and when you send a message to the app, the heart will spin to get your attention and the message will display on the screen. It's honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

12. A Couple's Massage

This gift will give you both something to look forward to. It will give you a great excuse for a romantic date night, and let's be real, everyone loves a massage. This is a baller first Christmas gift that you can enjoy together.

13. Concert Tickets

Tickets to a concert or show is the perfect early relationship gift, because it's actually a gift for both of you. It doesn't put pressure on the recipient if they didn't get you a gift, and no matter how you look at it, it's an opportunity to have a fun night together that's already taken care of.

14. Coffee Of The Month

If your new boo likes artisanal brew, they're going to love this coffee of the month subscription. And if you often spend the morning over there you're going to love it too.

15. Something Delicious & Personal

No matter how far along you are in a relationship, there's never anything awkward about giving someone something good to eat. This is another great opportunity to flex your memory skills and get your partner something you know they like, from the place where they like it the best.

Whatever you choose, make sure you let your new partner knows that you're not expecting a gift in return and make it clear that you're happy to give this gift with or without an exchange.

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