The Best Cocktail To Make For Happy Hour, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


It's five o' clock somewhere, but now that we're all spending our days sheltered in place at home, is time even a thing anymore? Life sort of just feels like a weird blur of working from bed, marathon watching TV shows, occasionally interacting with human faces through a screen, and dipping into my kitchen every 30 minutes in search of snacks. That said, I think it's fair to say that at-home happy hours are allowed to be any hour that our hearts desire and our schedules permit. Because while happy hour used to be dictated by whatever period of time your favorite bar put their cocktails and small plates on discount, times have changed.

But the extra time at home during your day could actually be an avenue for creativity — especially for those of us who really miss the craft cocktails we used to splurge on back in the golden days, pre-coronavirus. So instead of grabbing a spiked seltzer from the fridge or pouring another glass of $7 wine, perhaps it's time to put your bartending skills to the test and whip up a refreshing quarantine cocktail recipe to give you the buzz you're looking for.

Obviously the internet is a vast and wondrous place, and there are a lot of cocktail recipes out there to choose from. If you're looking for one that suits your cosmic energy and astrological style, we've compiled a list of cocktails for each zodiac sign that will vibe perfectly with your tastes.

Aries: Pandemic Punch

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With an in-your-face title and a recipe that includes ingredients like "anything you got," this DIY cocktail packs a punch — much like you do, Aries. Check out the delightfully fun and easy to modify Pandemic Punch recipe from Quarantine Cookbook. So long as you have vodka and some juices or chasers, you probably won't even need to add anything to your grocery list.

Taurus: The Fizzleberry

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Herbal, earthy, and effervescent — are we talking about a Taurus or a cocktail here? This delightful Fizzleberry cocktail recipe from Darling Down South is definitely one that you'll want to bookmark. Combining the sweetness of berries with the tartness of lemons and the herbaciousness of thyme and gin, you've got a refreshing and springy drink that's complex in its flavor profile but easy to make.

Gemini: Blue Long Island Ice Tea

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Your mind goes a mile a minute, Gemini, so it's important to keep things exciting — that's why a Long Island ice tea and its notoriously long list of ingredients is a great cocktail-mixing endeavor to keep you occupied for a while. And of course, in the name of keeping things unique, you should attempt this Blue Long Island Ice Tea recipe from Mix That Drink. It uses Blue Curacao liquor instead of coke which gives it a distinctly bright blue hue.

Cancer: The Quarantini

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Let's keep things sophisticated yet relevant by putting a yummy (and timely) twist on a classic martini using this Quarantini recipe from Make Me A Cocktail. This simple recipe is a gin-based martini that calls for a splash of champagne on top — perfect for a classy crab like you, Cancer, and delightfully refreshing for late spring.

Leo: Shaken Piña Colada

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No blender? No problem. Your fiery Leo self can still enjoy summer's favorite cocktail, the piña colada, in a non-slushy form — just follow this simple shaken piña colada recipe from The Spruce Eats instead. Your ruling planet is the sun, and there's no brighter, sunnier, and more summery-tasting drink to make at home to boost your spirits. Bonus? All the ingredients — including the cream of coconut and pineapple juice — are shelf-stable and easily ordered online.

Virgo: The New Old Fashioned

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As a Virgo, purity is a big deal to you, so you like to keep things clean and classic when it comes to cocktails. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't put a fresh twist on things — we've got to keep things exciting, after all! That said, teach an old dog fashioned some new tricks with this New Old Fashioned cocktail recipe from the Cooking Channel, which evokes the beloved bourbon drink's essence but with an extra flavorful edge.

Libra: The Cucumber Quarantini

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A drink that's refreshing, flavorful, and refined at the same time might be hard to find, but it comes together perfectly in the highly-relevant Cucumber Quarantini recipe from Everyday Gourmet With Blakely. While this one may require a grocery run (as it calls for fresh lime, cucumber, and basil leaves), the result is worth it for a luxury-loving Libra like yourself — as the fresh ingredients give it a delightfully springy vibe.

Scorpio: The Dark N' Stormy

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As I'm sure you know all too well, Scorpios get a reputation for being the dark horses of the zodiac — so embrace your stereotype by whipping up a classic and stylish cocktail like this cult-favorite Dark N' Stormy recipe from New York Times. While its ingredients are simple (just dark rum, ginger beer, lime juice, and some simple syrup), the flavor will knock your socks off and deliver a high-powered buzz.

Sagittarius: Spicy Jalapeno Margarita

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As a blazing fire sign, you need a cocktail that can meet you on your level of zestiness. Spice things up with a deliciously flavorful jalapeno drink like this Jalapeno Margarita from Love And Lemons. It's super fresh, super sweet, and simultaneously super spicy, too — so it'll check off all your boxes when it comes to imbibing in a happy hour treat.

Capricorn: The Dalgona Coffee Martini

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It's likely you've come across the viral craze that is Dalgona coffee — a whipped coffee beverage that's been wildly popular on social media over the past month. Now, you can enjoy the fluffy, caffeinated goodness in cocktail form by whipping up this Dalgona coffee martini recipe from Tasty. With classic Kahlua and the delightfully whipped coffee topping, your refined palette has found the ultimate indulgence.

Aquarius: The Starry Night

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As the sign of the water bearer, you're open minded and ready to shoot for the stars, even in the worst of times — so forego your standard happy hour menu cocktails in favor of something that matches your unique and fun spirit, like the Starry Night cocktail recipe from the Los Angeles Times. This shimmery, sparkly beverage is fizzy yet refined, and is the perfect classy cocktail that you've likely never tried.

Pisces: The Holy Water

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Happy hour couldn't come soon enough for a sensitive water sign like you, Pisces - so embrace your astrological element by whipping up a tall order of this aptly-named Holy Water cocktail recipe from Tipsy Bartender. The drink's dreamy blue hue pops against the bright red of freshly-sliced strawberries, making this cocktail as beautiful as it is delicious. Prepare to spam your Instagram story with this baby and show off your bartending skills via Zoom.