The Best Day To Use Tinder Is January 8, 2017, So Here's How To Make The Most Of "Dating Sunday"


With the beginning of every new year, comes the desire to start anew. People make resolutions to get healthier, be more mindful, volunteer more, and maybe even find love. If the latter is your main concern then, January 8, the busiest day on Tinder, is the day to make that happen.

As history has shown us, not only is January one hell of a great month for online dating, but the first Sunday after New Year’s is the best time of all. So, naturally, this year we can expect the same. But what’s different about the first Sunday after New Year’s this year is that it was actually January 1 — do you remember what you were doing the first Sunday after New Year’s? You were, and correct me if I’m wrong, stuck on the couch with a horrible hangover and 12 hours worth of movies lined up to help get through the pain. Since that was probably the case for many people on that particular first Sunday of the year, it means that Sunday, January 8 is the day where online magic is going to happen. It’s even called “Dating Sunday,” because traffic sees a major boost and there are far more matches (Dating Sunday 2016 saw a 10 percent increase last year).

So that leaves us with one burning question: How are you going to make the most of Dating Sunday? Bustle reached out to Tinder sociologist, Dr. Jess Carbino, to see how to do just that.

1. Update Your Profile


According to Dr. Jess, you might want to consider showing “potential matches how fun your holiday break was.” You also want to revamp it a bit, if you haven’t in awhile. As Dr.Jess told Bustle, profile photos with pets, traveling, and bright colors are eye-catching, as are profiles that show a variation of outfits and at least one formal outfit… you know, like that prom photo from 2003. I kid! You in that tangerine bridesmaid dress from November will be the one that will really make a statement.

2. Focus On Conversation Starters


You also want to post exciting things in your profile that will make others want to engage with you. Show off in your profile just how un-boring you are. “Whether you went ice skating at Rockefeller Center or escaped to a warm-weather destination, you should flaunt it,” says Dr. Jess. “This could be a great conversation starter since some may ask how you celebrated the holidays and New Year.”

3. Don’t Dawdle In Responding


Although playing hard to get might sound like a good idea, if you’re truly looking for love, you don’t want to play games. If you get a match, don’t stare it, waiting for what seems like the “right” time to respond out of fear of seeming desperate or some other malarkey. “For singles wanting to make the most of Dating Sunday, I would recommend sending a message immediately after receiving the 'It’s a Match!' notification,” explains Dr. Jess. “Because Tinder users will be very active that day, chances are they’ll also be ready to chat.” So get to chatting already before they move onto another match and you're left in the dust!

4. Pay Attention To Your Matches’ Bios


If you’re new to dating, I’ll let you in on a little secret: People LOVE to talk about themselves. (So do you; admit it.) Because that’s just a natural human trait, take advantage of it. Dr. Jess suggests paying very close attention to the bio and photos of your matches so you can ask questions and get the ball rolling.

“Overall, people want to know that you’re interested in getting to know them, and the best way to show this is by asking questions directly related to your match's bio and photos,” says Dr. Jess. Besides, starting with a question about something in their profile is a hell of a lot better than that boring old, “Hey” that people tend to send. Like, seriously, that’s how you’re going to start this conversation? Type “hey,” and that’s it?

5. Don’t Give Up Too Quickly


Although there will be that major increase in active users on Tinder on Sunday January 8, if you don’t get a whole string of matches ASAP, don’t freak out.

The great news is that January isn’t the only month in the year that’s great for online dating. Summer, also, especially the end of June is great for online dating, too. Just keep that in mind.