5 Eurovision Drinking Games That'll Make Sure Your Night Gets More Than Nil Points

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The Eurovision Song Contest is quite the event. There's always something to laugh about and a game you can play to make it even more fun. When I was younger, my Mum and I used to mark each and every country's performance out of ten, then pick our five faves at the end. Sounds pretty simple, but we had fun with it. Now I'm a little older, I would more be up for something a little more grown up. With that in mind, here are some of the best Eurovision Song Contest drinking games to get on board with come Saturday 19 May.

I feel obligated to warn you all that the full list of Eurovision Song Contest drinking games is pretty full on. There's a lot of shots, a lot of downing, and quite obviously, a LOT of alcohol. For this reason, I would advise you keep to DRINK RESPONSIBLY throughout. I know, I know, it's boring and obvious to say, but say it I must.

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I've picked out some of the most fun drinking games, including those that use social media and others that incorporate classic games such as bingo. Keep reading to find your perfect game.

The Twitter game

Another game that has pretty much declared itself the unofficial official drinking game of Eurovision can be found at eurovisiondrinking.com. There is a list of things you should drink for if they happen, but they also have a pretty handy Twitter account @eurovisiondrink, which is great for if you watch the show away from home. Simply follow the account, and whenever something happens, they will Tweet what action you should take (they call these 'boozifications' — big LOL).

Captain Euro

This game, aptly named 'Captain Euro,' was devised by SBS, and goes a little something like this: Before the contest begins, each person is assigned a specific 'element,' and you drink when something that equates to your element happens on the show. So for example:

  • Earth: Barefoot singers (a trend popular with winners Loreen and Emmelie de Forrest)
  • Fire: Any use of pyrotechnics
  • Wind: Duh, wind machine
  • Water: Water features (Think Jedward 2012!)
  • Heart: Love hearts and love songs

Slammer time

This game, again devised by SBS, is pretty simple; essentially when a certain thing happens, you need to do something in particular such as take a shot. Check out the full list here:

  • Bung Note: If someone fails to hit the High C – drink.
  • Cheers: If audience applause lasts longer than 10 seconds – drink.
  • Mind Blank: If someone forgets their words — down it.
  • Phallic Prop Use: If someone enters straddling an oversized banana – down it.
  • Key Change: If someone key changes this is an automatic toilet pass (otherwise no bathroom concession is allowed).
  • Costume Reveal: If someone strips off part of their costume – strip off one item of clothing.
  • Pyrotechnics: If someone’s act uses fireworks – everyone must stop, drop and roll, crawling from the house to the street and only re-entering once everyone is outside.
  • Everybody Dance Now: If someone’s act requires more than four back-up dancers everyone must leap immediately from their seat and bust-it to another spot in the room.
  • Getting Wind of Things: Anytime a wind machine is turned on grab the drink of the person beside you and down it.

The Hostelworld game

Seeing as it's from Hostelworld, you can really bet this drinking game doesn't play around. It involves different stages, and begins with each person being assigned a random nation who are taking part. Drinking activities tend to revolve around the nations you represent. For example, during the results portion of the show, this is what you need to do:

  • If your selected nation is awarded the maximum 12 points, it’s your lucky day! Nominate someone to drink 3 fingers (Note: You can give all 3 to one unlucky victim OR you can also pick 3 separate friends to drink 1 finger each!)
  • If your selected nation gets 10 points, give out 2 fingers.
  • If your selected nation gets 8 points, give out 1 finger.

The full game can be found here.

Eurovision bingo

Slightly similar to the above games that require you to drink when a certain thing happens (but more visual), Eurovision bingo basically is as it sounds: you will have a card with different squares of things to look out for, and mark them along as you see them. To make it a drinking game, simply drink whenever you cross something off. You can create your own cards, or go to Mission Eurovision for inspo.