The Best "Valentine's Day In 3 Words" Tweets, Because It's Time To Get Your Priorities Straight

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Twitter has already jumped on the chance to make it into a topic worth hashtagging. The trending #ValentinesDayIn3Words hashtag gives some wonderful insight into how people *really* feel about Valentine's Day.

Trying to put Valentine's Day into just three words requires some creativity. Of course, mine would be: "Pizza all mine," and based on what I saw, pizza was definitely making a splash all over Twitter, so it's nice to know I'm not alone. Others took the opportunity to give a shoutout to another holiday that falls in February: Singles Awareness Day. It is three words after all, but that day is actually the day after Valentine's Day, on February 15. (Also keep in mind Galentine's Day is February 13, if you're trying to go all out).

As hundreds and hundreds of Valentine's Day-related tweets poured in, it was difficult to keep up with the most fun. But I did my best, weeding through the offensive ones, the violent ones, and the ones that were so damn depressing, I thought I would cry too. Here are 17 tweets of wisdom from Twitter's #ValentinesDayIn3Words, from "vodka, food, friends" to "please use contraceptives":

1. For Those Who Have Their Priorities Straight

2. For Those Who Want To Make Valentine's Day Political Again

3. For Those Who Are Doing Galentine's Day Right

4. For The Deep Thinkers

5. For The Lonesome Doves

6. For Those Looking To Pick Up A Stranger

7. For The Drinkers

8. For The Sex-Positive

9. For Those Who Love Day-After Discounts

10. For The 'Fifty Shades' Fans

11. For The Morbid

12. For Those Who Like To Keep It Honest

13. For Those Who Put A Positive Spin On Things

14. For The Super Romantic

15. For 'The Brady Bunch' Fans

16. For The Dramatic

17. For The Poets

18. For The Ambitious

19. And, Again, For Those Who Have Their Priorities Straight

Because that's honestly what this holiday is really about.