How To Celebrate Single's Awareness Day


If you're single AF, you may not be looking forward to Valentine's Day this year. But, good news: the day prior is Galentine's Day and the day afterwards is all about you. That's right – February 15 is Single's Awareness Day, which is a holiday dedicated to celebrating all the joys that come along with being single. Personally, I'm super stoked to spend an entire day treating myself (even though I do that way more than just once a year).

Unlike Valentine's Day, this holiday doesn't come with a set of expectations about what you should do or movies with plots centered on typical celebrations. But that's because there is no ~right~ way to enjoy Single's Awareness Day. If you're single, then you likely call all the shots in your life – and this holiday is no exception. If you love spending time alone watching something on Netflix, then get your laptop and glass of wine ready. If you prefer going out with all of your single friends, then send out that group invite. Single's Awareness Day is all about embracing the relationship you have with yourself, so do whatever makes you happiest.

If you're like me, then you probably have a ton of different things that you enjoy doing and narrowing them down to all fit into one day can be tricky. So here's a list of suggestions on how to have the best Single's Awareness Day this February 15:


Go To A Movie Alone

We tend to think that you can't go to the movies unless you're with someone else. But venturing off on your own to see something your friends might not be into is a great way to embrace your independence.


Treat Yo' Self

Since you don't have to get a gift for a significant other, maybe you should consider splurging on something you've been eyeing for a while. You'll love yourself for it and you'll know it'll be just what you wanted.



I love traveling, but I've never done it alone. Even when I studied abroad, my best friend and I organized it so we'd both go together. But spending a day by yourself exploring somewhere new (which doesn't have to be far) is a surefire way to enjoy your freedom. Here are some destinations to check out solo.


Take A Class

Whether it's a cooking class, a yoga class or an art class, joining something on your own is not only a fun way to explore new hobbies, but it's also a good way to meet new people if that's something you're looking for.


Host A Singles Gift Exchange

Similar to Galentine's Day, this holiday celebrates a relationship that's nonromantic, but still super important. Reminding your single friends that you love them is a great way to celebrate Single's Awareness Day, and a great way to do so is by throwing a Secret Santa-esque party where you all bring a gift to exchange with each other.



Meditation can help fight against depression and anxiety, improve your ability to focus, and help you be a better multitasker. Yes, it's not the most exciting thing on this list, but it's a great thing to do for yourself and your body, which is what Single's Awareness Day is all about.


Love Yourself

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2017 was to masturbate more than I did last year. While you don't need to make a yearly commitment to loving yourself, spending some pleasuring yourself is definitely a good way to enjoy Single's Awareness Day. It's free, it feels great, and it's all about focusing on your relationship with yourself.


Do Whatever You Want

It's your life so do whatever makes you happiest. No one will be breathing down your neck telling you how to enjoy being single, so do whatever will make you feel great about yourself.

Single's Awareness Day is a time to reflect on and enjoy being your own number one priority, so set out to make February 15 all about you this year.