Fans Have So Many Theories About Beyoncé In The "Family Feud" Music Video


There was definitely a lot to be discussed when Jay-Z's "Family Feud" music video teaser was released on Dec. 28. Not only did the Carter family cameos earn a lot of social media praise from fans, but the teaser also lead to some pretty interesting Beyoncé "Family Feud" theories. Fans wondered if there would be a confrontation between JAY-Z and Beyoncé about infidelity in the video, or if the video would showcase Beyoncé getting some kind of revenge. But if the teaser gave us a lot to unpack, the full eight-minute video just set the internet ablaze all over again.

When you're arguably one of the hottest couples in the entertainment industry, rumors about your relationship are bound to fly. Luckily for fans, the couple have used their solo projects to talk about their family drama in their own ways. Beyoncé's 2016 masterpiece of an album Lemonade addressed cheating rumors and the effects of infidelity on a woman — in addition to other powerful subjects like racism and sexism — and JAY-Z's Grammy-nominated album 4:44 spoke rather candidly about those same issues as well, adding several more like colorism, mental health, and the stigma against the LGBT community.

However, the visuals for "Family Feud" take things a step further. Placing Beyoncé in the role of a Catholic priest to whom JAY-Z confesses his sins — and featuring Michael B. Jordan and Jessica Chastain, of all people — the video adds a little more clarity to just how the Carters were able to patch up their relationship after the infidelity to which JAY-Z has admitted. Beyoncé is at the center of it all — serving as the guardian helping the rapper be accountable for living out his truth — and her cameo in the video is a beautiful nod to her role in the creative process for JAY-Z's 4:44.

But could her appearance also be a preface to something epic coming from Beyoncé sooner than later? These fan theories definitely lean that way.


A Seventh Beyoncé Album Could Be On Its Way

And who knows? With her highly-anticipated Coachella performance happening in April 2018, another Beyoncé takeover could be in the pipe line to kick off the new year. "Family Feud" really might just be the first step.


Beyoncé Is God

OK, this theory may be less serious than others, but they don't call her "Beysus" for nothing.


The Return Of Sasha Fierce

It totally looks like Beyoncé was channeling her inner-alter ego with that stare-down.



Beyoncé having a hand in crafting the soundtrack for the film actually doesn't sound so far-fetched. Plus, Michael B. Jordan appears in both the "Family Feud" video and the upcoming Marvel film.


She's The Matriarch & The Mastermind

"The best revenge is your paper," or keeping with this Games of Thrones reference, your presence totally dominating the internet — making it even harder for your enemies to forget your name.


But At The End Of The Day, All Signs Point Right Back To B7

Seriously, with the amount of slayage Beyoncé left in the "Family Feud" music video, plus all of the inspiration she's dropping on her Instagram feed lately, fans should totally expect another masterpiece from the Queen Bey to release soon. And what better way to kick 2018 off than by providing fans with another visual album to obsess over?

The Carters sure do know how to get a conversation going. The visuals for "Family Feud" are absolutely breathtaking, and fans are totally hoping that some of its key moments actually come to fruition — like, having a female president, and an all female congress would totally "Make America Great Again." Here's to hoping that some of those fan theories come true, as well. The world could totally use a seventh Beyoncé album to lift spirits right about now.