The 'Bring It On' References In Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" Video Are Too Good

She warned us that the “Thank U, Next” music video was going to bring it. Alas, no amount of behind-the-scenes photos or videos could’ve prepared us for this brilliance. For starters, the Bring It On references in Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” are the poo, so take a big whiff. (If you don’t understand why or how that is a compliment/do not get the reference, you’ve got some homework to do. And yes, that homework involves watching a classic cheerleading comedy from 2000. What a wonderful assignment, eh?) Wow, does Grande’s latest music video do right by the Toros, the Clovers, and those of us who have adored this movie for nearly two decades.

On Friday, Nov. 30, the music video for the first single off of Ariana Grande’s to-be-released fifth record stepped onto the mat that is the internet, did a flawless roundoff back handspring into a backflip, and stuck the landing. In other words, it is nothing short of perfect. “Thank U, Next” was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the artiste behind a bunch of Grande’s visuals, including the stunning “breathin" music video. The vid pays homage to four beloved comedies from the early '00s: 13 Going on 30, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, and Bring It On.

Not to put the "duh" in "dumb," but Grande and Davis's latest collaboration is yet another masterpiece. The allusions to Bring It On are strong and loud and gonna make you proud. (Same goes for Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde but one thing at a time.)

The Mixtape

In Bring It On, cheer captain Torrance (Kirsten Dunst) receives a mixtape from Cliff (Jesse Bradford), her best friend's brother.

And in "Thank U, Next," someone gives Ari a mixtape.

And that someone's name is Ari, and Ari's so good with that (so good with that).

Torrance's Dance Break

Torrance listens to Cliff's mixtape alone in her bedroom. As she listens to his song about bonbons, Torrance picks up her trusty pompoms, stands up on her bed, and lets the music move her.

Ari does the same thing when she hears the mixtape she gave herself.

And yes, that "I'll feed you bonbons all night" line will be stuck in your head for the next hour. At least.

The Cheer Routine On The Football Field

Ari & co. give us some real-deal cheer moves. Hey, what would a Bring It On reference be without a few high flying basket tosses?

Don't worry, they brought it.

The Rancho Carne Toros & The East Compton Clovers

Er, the Thank U Nexts and the Lovers.

Brr. It's cold in here...

...There must be an homage to one of the most important rivalries in all of sports history in the atmosphere.

The Wallpaper In The Bathroom

The wallpaper. The wallpaper. The. Wallpaper.

Oh, right. And the toothbrush flirt session between Torrance and Cliff that happens when Torrance spends the night at Missy's (Eliza Dushku) house. The "Thank U, Next" video commemorates that moment, too.

Awesome, oh wow. Like, totally thank u, next. I mean, right on. Ari's Bring It On homage is number one.