Bustle's Editors On Chris Soules + Star Wars

by Rachel Simon

Happy Miss Congeniality Day, everyone! (For those unfamiliar, Apr. 25 is part of a famous quote from the movie. Do yourself a favor and just watch the clip here.) It may not exactly be light sweater weather just yet, but we'll get there soon enough, hopefully.

In the meantime, read on for a recap of all the news and events that had Bustle's editors talking on Tuesday.

Ivanka Trump + Berlin

While speaking on a panel at the Berlin Women20 Summit on Tuesday, Ivanka Trump was booed for calling her dad "a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive." Um, what world is she living in? Sigh.

Fun Fact: Dogs are way better at sensing human emotions than you might think, and can even "catch" our feelings. Say what?!

Chris Soules + A Tragic Incident

According to reports, former Bachelor star Chris Soules was arrested for allegedly fleeing the scene of a deadly car crash. The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office in Iowa confirmed to Bustle that one person had died in the crash, and that the case is being investigated. What awful news.

What Happens Next? Soules has already had a pre-trial for the case, and his preliminary hearing is set for May 2. On Tuesday afternoon, he was released from jail.

Torrid + Star Wars

Amazing news, Star Wars fans. Torrid has a Star Wars capsule collection, in honor of the first movie in the legendary franchise's 40th anniversary. From a bomber jacket to a romper, the collection has everything a fashion-loving fan could want.

WTF Moment: These clear moto jeans from Topshop are freaking out the internet, for good reason. What even?!

Starbucks + The Dragon Frap

If you can't get enough of the unicorn frappuccino, you'll want to get in line for Starbucks' dragon frappuccino. It's not an official menu item, but it can be made from combining various items off the list, if you know what to ask for. It's said to be like a vanilla, berry-tasting green tea drink — sounds good to me.

Save The Date: Both Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Episode IX got release dates today. 2019 is looking good.

Trump's Victory + A Silver Lining

Here's something unexpected: Donald Trump's presidency has led to something genuinely good. According to EMILY's List, since the election, over 11,000 women from all over the country have come to the organization to get information about running for office. Hell yeah.

Pro Tip: These are the nine classic books that every 20-something should read. Get on it.

Today's WTF Moment: This woman can recite every word of every Harry Potter book from memory. And you thought you were a superfan.

What to Watch: Tuesday is PLL night, so tune in to Freeform at 8 (and check out Bustle's profile of star Lucy Hale here) for a new episode of the hit show.