Bustle's Editors On Trump's Speech + 'DWTS'

by Rachel Simon

We've made it to March, everyone! February may be the shortest month of the year, but when the news is as crazy as it has been recently, even the fastest of weeks can feel never-ending. And February didn't exactly go out quietly, either; as you may have noticed due to the lack of a Bustle Huddle yesterday, tons of websites were affected by the Amazon s3 outage. Thankfully, everything is back to normal now, but who knows what kind of chaos March has in store...

At least today didn't get too crazy. Here's a recap of all the news and events from Wednesday, Mar. 1:

Nick Viall + Dancing With The Stars

Get ready, guys — the new Dancing With the Stars cast has been announced, and it's packed. There's Olympian Simone Biles, Glee's Heather Morris, Real Housewives' Erika Jayne, and, of course, current Bachelor Nick Viall. You'll definitely want to tune in to this season.

Inside Scoop: Ever wonder what really goes on in the Bachelor fantasy suite? Let Bachelor in Paradise couple Carly and Evan tell all.

Oprah Winfrey + 2020?

On Wednesday, Oprah revealed that she'd consider running for president one day, and could you imagine?! A brilliant, thoughtful woman who's been active in politics and has a massive fanbase, Oprah could be the TV star president we actually could use.

Book Recs: This Women's History Month, check out these eight nonfiction books, all of which tell powerful stories of ladies who've changed history.

Trump + That Speech

On Tuesday night, President Trump gave his first speech to Congress, and the lack of a major flub or issue has some people praising the event. Yet as this essay argues, don't let Trump's ability to read off a teleprompter fool you into thinking he's turned a corner or taken on a new public persona.

OMG: These photos of young Justin Trudeau are making Twitter go crazy, and for good reason. He looks goooood.

House Democrats + Why They Wore White

While watching last night's speech, you might've noticed all the House Democratic women wearing white in the audience. The reason? The House Democratic Women's Working Group chose to dress in the symbolic color to show their support for women's rights. Very, very cool.

Shopping Break: It's easy to damage your skin when exercising, but luckily, these genius skin care products will make it easy to toss out these bad habits and start taking better care of yourself at the gym.

Lane Bryant + Stretch Marks

A new Lane Bryant ad is being praised for showing a model's stretch marks without covering them with makeup or Photoshopping them out. When women are so often shamed for the way their bodies look, seeing a major ad celebrate stretch marks is a very big deal.

Coachella Update: At this year's Coachella, Beyoncé's out, but Lady Gaga is in. The Super Bowl singer is replacing Bey at the upcoming festival, so buy your tickets ASAP.

Today's WTF Moment: This optical illusion about red strawberries is freaking everybody out.

What to Watch: Tonight at 9 marks Part 2 of ABC's When We Rise, the powerful miniseries about the fight for LGBT rights. Don't miss it.