Bustle's Editors On The Women's Strike + 'Gilmore'

by Rachel Simon

Happy Tuesday, all! Hopefully your week's off to a good start, and you're getting ready for tomorrow's A Day Without A Woman, whether that means you're planning on joining the strike or supporting your sisters from afar (more on that below). It's a big, important day, and one that'll certainly send a loud message to all those people out there who don't believe we deserve the same rights and privileges — or any, for that matter — as our male counterparts.

As you prepare for the day ahead, take a look back at the news and events that occurred today, Mar. 7:

Obamacare + A Replacement Bill

On Monday night, House Republicans revealed their plan to replace Obamacare. The proposed bill has some significant changes from the current law that could impact Americans greatly (particularly when it comes to women's health), but so far, the GOP hasn't released any info on what the legislation would cost or what number of people would lose their current health insurance if the bill was made into law.

How To Help: After Trump said he'd allow Planned Parenthood funding to continue if the organization stopped providing abortions (to which they, of course, said hell no), it's more important to help Planned Parenthood than ever before. Here's how.

The Women's Strike + What To Know

Tomorrow, Mar. 8, is "A Day Without A Woman," a strike meant to highlight how much the contributions of women matter to the world's daily functions. Many ladies are participating by taking off work on Wednesday, while others who can't do that are showing their support in spirit. Whatever you choose to do, spend the day reminding others that a day without women has major consequences — and that the female population deserves equality, now.

OMG: Read the adorably awesome letter this 7-year-old sent to her principal explaining that she'll be absent from school on Wednesday because of the strike. Hell, yes.

Gilmore Girls + More Episodes

Alert alert: more Gilmore Girls revival episodes could be coming down the line. Although it's far from confirmed, it's being reported that Netflix is considering airing more episodes, meaning that that crazy pregnancy ending to last year's revival might not be such a cliffhanger after all. Fingers crossed!

#TBT: A Harry Potter cast group chat exists, set up by Emma Watson, and the FOMO is so, so real you guys.

Nike + Muslim Athletes

In an awesome move, Nike has made a performance hijab for Muslim athletes, after getting input from Muslim sports stars about what kind of attire they needed but didn't currently have. The hijab took a year to design, and was launched alongside a commercial featuring international Muslim athletes. Very, very cool.

Shopping Break: Managing curly hair is no easy task, but these 12 surprisingly brilliant curly hair products will make your life a lot easier.

Today's WTF Moment: Starbucks all pink packages are coming, you guys. It's about damn time.

What to Watch: Tune in to NBC at 9 for a new episode of This is Us, the last one before next week's finale. Prepare for lots of tears.