Bustle's Editors On Health Care + 'Fixer Upper'

by Rachel Simon

Hello, hello! It may only be Tuesday, but today has been full of news, from the defeat of the GOP's health care bill to the announcement that Fixer Upper is coming to an end on HGTV (*sniff, sniff*). Read on for a recap on both those topics plus plenty more:

Health Care + Victory For Dems

Hallelujah: the GOP's Graham-Cassidy health care bill is officially dead. After weeks of controversy, Republican senators agreed on Tuesday that the proposed replacement to Obamacare should not come to a vote. For the many people opposed to the bill, this is great news, although the fight is far from over. So keep calling your Senators, everyone, and make your opinions known.

22 Vs. 5: The number of times Trump has tweeted about the NFL so far, vs the number of times he's tweeted about Puerto Rico's crisis post-hurricane. Yup.

Women + Saudi Arabia

This is seriously awesome: finally, women in Saudi Arabia can legally drive. Starting in June 2018, Saudi women will be able to drive on their own without needing a male companion or risk getting arrested, like many female activists and journalists have before for driving solo in the country. Saudi Arabia still has a long way to go when it comes to gender equality, but this news is certainly worth celebrating.

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Fixer Upper + The End

Say it ain't so! HGTV's popular Fixer Upper is coming to an end after Season 5. In a post on their website on Tuesday, Chip and Joanna Gaines explained that they're stopping the show in order to take a break, spend time with their kids, and focus on their other businesses. That's all well and good, but for many fans, saying goodbye to this addicting show is going to be rough.

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DeMario + Corinne

Summer TV may have come to an end, but Bachelor in Paradise's two biggest stars are still making headlines. Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were spotted together at Disneyland holding hands. But before you jump to any conclusions, know that Corinne has already said that the duo aren't dating, but are just close friends.

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