These Captain America PSA Memes Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Fans were certainly surprised when Captain America made a cameo appearance in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming last year. The appearance came through a series of snippets poised as hilarious PSA vids in which the superhero awkwardly urged teenagers to stay out of trouble. While the Captain America PSA memes from Spider-Man are, for sure, amusing in their own right, their recent arrival has been met with a great deal of confusion in reference to timing due to the fact that Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in July of last year, according to Nerdist.

There's also the added notion that their arrival feels a tad bit off since the narrative of Captain America, AKA Steve Roger's character has changed in more recent movies, morphing from that of a baby faced do-gooder to perceived "war criminal."Despite the shift in storyline, it seems the somewhat old, but eternally hilarious clips have now been given a second life through the new "Captain America Detention" memes which have all but taken over social media in the past week. The image, which is currently in heavy circulation throughout the internet, is a screen capture from the PSA videos that were aimed at students in detention at Peter Parker’s high school – and each and every one will have you laughing out loud all day long.

While all the memes are hilarious, in their own right, film director Jon Watts explained what it was like capturing the Chris Evans/Captain America moments while shooting Spiderman: Homecoming. He told CinemaBlend:

"I think that was my idea, to have the Captain America Fitness Challenge ... I just remember having the President's Fitness Challenge when I was in elementary school and middle school. You had to do different activities, and at the end of it, I think you got a little pin or a badge. I was like, 'How do we incorporate Captain America into high school?' You would have the Captain America Fitness Challenge. He would be the person teaching you about proper nutrition, and brushing your teeth."

Likening the shoot to filming a documentary, Watts continued,

"It was like Captain America showed up. I generated so many of these dumb things, along with one of the other writers. We just wrote – everyone had ideas for things that Captain America could say [on screen]. So we just put them into a teleprompter, and had Evans stand there and really read through them."

Watts also gave fans some insight on Chris Evans' real life personality while offering hope for more outtakes of the moment being released in the future. Per CinemaBlend:

"It's really funny, because Chris is so NOT like Captain America in person, but him being Cap and then just reading this stuff totally fresh, in that old costume, was so funny. There's a very fun improv comedy to all of that. We shot so many more than are in the movie, too. Which will probably be on the Blu-ray someday."

Following along with the same theming of the initial clip, the new meme craze's formula shares similar vibes to its first coming. Inverse details the landscape, which implores meme creators to: "begin the meme with 'So,' then follow it up with some kind of social faux pas." It continues, "the point is to calmly and respectfully shame violators, because there’s a reason they’re in detention." That said, fans of the PSA-themed memes couldn't help but to share their own versions of the joke on Twitter.

1. Who's Yanny?

Nerdist threw some major shade amidst the "Yanny vs Laurel" debate.

2. Breaking Up ≠ Logging Out

One Twitter user took a moment to point out exactly where they draw the line when it comes break ups.

3. Enough Of Winter, Already!

Another social media fan is here for the Winter Soldier repeats.

4. The Ball's In Your Court

Meanwhile, this commenter used the moment to take a jab at the NBA's Chicago Bulls.

5. Things Just Got Real

The meme seemed to get really personal for one user.

6. More Mood, More Problems

Someone is totally fine with being in regular mood.

7. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Meanwhile, this person most likely summed up the mood of everyone in their entire office.

8. Enough Is Enough

This person is totally over the whole situation.

9. Photo Fail

Someone else totally left the photo out of the equation.

10. Digitally Impaired

Meanwhile, another Twitter user couldn't quite figure out how to post their image.

Whether new or old, it goes without saying that these Captain America memes are hilarious enough to stand the test of time.