The Champion x SoulCycle Collab Proves The Retro Brand Is Back

by Alexa Tucker
Courtesy of SoulCycle

Retro athletic brands have been experiencing seriously trendy rebirths over the past few years — think Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Puma, and even old-school Nike styles. The newest brand to make a major comeback is Champion, and it just had its cool-kid status solidified by partnering with one of the hottest boutique fitness chains around. The Champion x SoulCycle collaboration makes it official: Champion is back and better than ever.

The capsule collection features SoulCycle's signature graphics (like the spoked wheel and the skull) meshed with Champion's time-honored logo and C symbol for a combination that's both fresh and classic.

And it's a fitting collaboration, too — Champion got its start making sports uniforms and gear, according to SoulCycle, and if you're ever taken a SoulCycle class, you know it takes every ounce of your inner athlete's motivation to get through it, smiling and sweaty and full of, dare we say, soul.

Feel like a champion during your next ride with one of these women's pieces — the women's collection currently includes two tank tops, a tee-shirt, and a satin bomber jacket, but the crew neck sweatshirt and boyfriend sweatpants sold out soon after the Sept. 6 launch.

However, there are still several cozy options from the men's collection available, including a soft crew neck sweatshirt and another muscle tank. In fact, sometimes, guys' loungewear is equally as comfy than women's wear (if not even more).

So you're not exactly losing out either way — it's all gear worthy of champions (even when that means heading home from the studio or just chilling on the couch).

1. SoulCycle x Champion Grey Muscle Tank

SoulCycle x Champion Grey Muscle Tank, $78, SoulCycle

Style this muscle tank by tying it in the back (because there are no crunches to worry about when you're on an indoor cycling bike).

2. SoulCycle x Champion White Muscle Tank

SoulCycle x Champion White Muscle Tank, $78, SoulCycle

Like a basic white tank, but sportier.

3. SoulCycle x Champion Heart Boyfriend Tee

SoulCycle x Champion Heart Boyfriend Tee, $78, SoulCycle

There's something weirdly satisfying about seeing your sweat soak through a grey tee after a workout.

4. SoulCycle x Champion Satin Bomber

SoulCycle x Champion Satin Bomber, $458, SoulCycle

OK, so this is a pretty big splurge item, but Champion's been a thing for long enough that you don't have to worry about it going away.

5. SoulCycle x Champion Grey Striped Crew Sweatshirt

SoulCycle x Champion Grey Striped Crew Sweatshirt, $138, SoulCycle

You may never want to take this cozy sweatshirt off.

6. SoulCycle x Champion Muscle Tank

SoulCycle x Champion Muscle Tank, $68, SoulCycle

Rock the red, white, and blue with this muscle tank.