The Dirtiest Movies Coming To Netflix In March

by Amy Mackelden
Miramax Films

With the winter weather making leaving the house an unattractive prospect, we could all use a little help enjoying ourselves at home. The Fifty Shades sequel leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion, and the chemistry between Anastasia and Christian isn't very inspiring. Plus, when you're in a movie theater, it's not quite as easy to relax and enjoy yourself as it is at home. Am I right? I'm right. Which is exactly why you need this list of the dirtiest movies coming to Netflix in March 2017. It's time to make the most out of your streaming subscription, you filthy-minded people out there.

As always, Netflix's new roster of content is completely eclectic, featuring documentaries, new seasons of old favorites, and plenty of movies you might not have seen. By far, the dirtiest TV series coming to Netflix has to be Grace & Frankie Season 3, with a teaser trailer featuring a range of colorful vibrators. While I can't wait to see what Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin get up to next, there are a handful of movies joining Netflix in March that might make you a little hot under the collar. Here's a taste of what's to come.

1. The Boss's Daughter

No relation to the Ashton Kutcher movie, this French film is about a 40something textile mill worker who embarks on an affair with a 20something woman. The trailer alone is dirty enough. You're welcome.

2. Welcome To New York

There purports to be a lot of sex in this movie starring Gérard Depardieu. Whether or not that's something you want to see is very much down to you. Is anyone else wondering if this was the inspiration for the Taylor Swift song?

3. The Square

Co-written by, and starring, Joel Edgerton, The Square is about an affair that goes very, very wrong.

4. Chicago

You can't expect too much from a PG-13 film, but, as musicals go, Chicago is pretty dirty. Enjoy "Cell Block Tango."

5. Slums Of Beverly Hills

Classic, dirty, and starring Natasha Lyonne of Orange Is The New Black fame. What more could you want?

While March might not be the dirtiest month Netflix has ever had, there's some cool content coming your way. You're welcome.