The Face Shop x The Simpsons Collection Is A '90s Beauty Dream

When a beauty brand releases a throwback collection that pays homage to your childhood memories, it's always exciting. From Sailor Moon compacts to Lisa Frank makeup brushes, millennials love their nostalgia. That's why the new Face Shop x The Simpsons collab is so amazing: It brings the beauty world and our favorite TV family crashing together.

When you think of skin care, you might not necessarily think of Homer or Marge Simpson. The canary yellow skin might make it seem like they don't have much to offer in terms of beauty tips, but this collection serves up a lot of everyday skin essentials. Not only are the products great, but they would look crazy fun displayed on your vanity or tucked away inside your medicine cabinet.

Featuring The Simpsons across all their products in varying outfits and poses, the bottles are in the signature yellow color, topped off with bright blue caps. But the super fun part is seeing the actual members displayed on their products. For example, on the Marge hand cream, you see Marge batting her eyelashes with her hands clasped at her cheek. For one of the available sunblocks, you have Marge in a red bikini and visor, diving to hit a volleyball. Or for the deodorant spray, you have Homer in a Speedo smiling confidently, giving you an idea how much you will love your sweat-buster.

K-Beauty brands are infamous for creating cute products that are so novel you can't help but buy them, and this Simpsons collection fits in with that theme. The Face Shop brought forth some major nostalgia with the Springfield clan, making you want to bring a Marge Simpson sunblock to the beach rather than a boring ol' drugstore brand.

If that's not enough for you, there are also three character sheet masks in the collection, letting you moisturize and soothe your face while simultaneously transforming into one of the characters. "Mask enthusiasts will be especially delighted to try out the Homer, Marge, and Lisa printed sheet masks, which come in three different sizes, the largest being Homer and the smallest being Lisa," PopSugar reported.

If you're already jumping at the prospect of buying this whole skin care collection, there's a bit of a catch: Right now it's only available in South Korea, but there could be a work-around around that issue. "For now, we recommend searching on eBay for the line and to check the sites again in a few weeks for more options," PopSugar helpfully pointed out. You can also check Amazon, which already has some of the products up for less than eight dollars! If there is a will, there is a way.

Images: The Face Shop (1)