Fenty Body Lava Is Now Sold In A Bundle & You Need To See Everything That Comes With It

Sun's out, glow's out, right? Warmer weather is pretty much synonymous with glowing skin, and from pressed powders to liquid glows, there's a lot of ways to get your body shining. For this summer, though, Fenty Beauty's Body Lava seems to be at the top of everyone's wish list, and there's good news. The glow-creating product now comes in a bundle so ordering this beauty will be a breeze, but you may want to move quickly.

According to the Fenty Beauty Instagram account, the brand has decided to create a bundle that includes a Fenty Beauty Body Lava in shade Who Needs Clothes?! or Brown Sugar, the Face & Body Kabuki Brush 160, and the Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom. Basically, you can now order the entire Beach Please collection at the same time.

Where do you snag one? They're available exclusively on the Fenty Beauty website. While their is no discount on the bundle (bummer, right?), ordering them together does make the process much more easy. However, you may want to go ahead and start your purchase. According to the same Instagram post, they are limited edition sets. As of press time, the Brown Sugar bundle has already sold out, and the announcement was made less than 24 hours ago.

How much will the bundle cost you? It's the same price as purchasing the products individually. It rings in at $135. It's really the ease of receiving all the products at once in a bundle that makes this purchase totally worth it.

Clearly, people are loving Fenty Beauty's latest product. While both the Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes?! Body Lavas are still available on the Fenty Beauty website, Brown Sugar is now sold out at Sephora. Also sold out on Sephora? The kabuki brush. Then, of course, the Brown Sugar bundle is now gone from the brand's official site as well. Plus, Fenty Beauty has already had to restock items before according to an Instagram post. Basically, people are in love with these products, and a bundle could be the best way to snag them.

If you don't believe the sell-out rates, just look at Twitter.

Sparkly vampires aren't really the coolest anymore, but Body Lava is.

While the price tag may be high, it can't be that hard for fans to justify it.

Fans were definitely bummed when they found out that Body Lava is actually a limited edition product. However, that makes total sense given that it's kind of ideal for spring and summer.

Fans want it, and they want it now.

It's clearly lust worthy.

If you want to shop Fenty Beauty's Body Lava, best to do it now. So far, there has been no word on when the items will stop restocking, but is that really a chance you want to take? If you want to get the entire collection before it's completely gone, that Beach Please bundle is basically the answer to all your prayers.

As for what's next for Rihanna and the brand? Only time will tell. Given that Rihanna has now basically cornered the market on complexion with the Fenty Face, could it be time to move on to eyes? After all, the brand has yet to see a permanent eyeshadow palette since the Galaxy Collection palette was limited edition.

Regardless of whatever it is, though, it seems Rihanna can do no wrong, and she and Fenty Beauty's loyal fans will always have the brand's back. Now, it's just time to shop your body lava and wait patiently until Rihanna decides to bless the world again with more products.