This 'Sense8' Season 2 Trailer Has The Craziest Action Yet

Murray Close/Netflix

With the premiere just around the corner, the final Sense8 Season 2 trailer is giving viewers exactly 16 compelling reasons to tune in to the new batch of episodes. Most of the 90-second teaser will feel comfortingly familiar to fans of the trippy sci-fi Netflix series, filled as it is with both insane action (as characters "borrow" knowledge from their fellow sensates to defeat their enemies) and sexy montages (as members of the cluster drop in on each other's steamy couplings). But it's what happens right at the end of the trailer that caught my attention.

Spoilers about Sense8 Season 2 already teased that the new episodes would be introducing new sensates for the characters to interact with and learn from. This final trailer makes good on that promise, climaxing in a cluster-vs.-cluster fight scene that might just be the most mind-bending thing the show has attempted yet.

"There has to be a lot more of us," Will says in the promo. "We need…" Riley finished his sentence: "To find them." The scene then immediately cuts to Wolfgang sitting in a posh restaurant across the table from an unfamiliar, beautiful woman. In a heart-stoppingly awesome moment, the soundtrack dramatically winds down as all of his fellow sensates suddenly emerge behind him.

Not to be outdone, his dinner companion reveals that she's brought her own posse of fierce, multicultural sensates… and they are ready to rumble.

Oh snaaaaaap!

The Wachowskis pioneered the modern action sensibility with their innovative use of "bullet time" in 1999's The Matrix, and it looks like they're aiming for something similarly revolutionary here, as both clusters — 16 sensates in total — start brawling in the middle of the restaurant.

The trailer only shows less than 10 seconds of this confrontation, and I already can't wait to see more. If the rest of Season 2 is as surprising and badass as this short clip of this one 16-person fight scene is, then I can't wait to see what the Wachowskis have in store. Hopefully, it lives up to what the trailer promises.

All 10 episodes of Sense8 Season 2 drop on Netflix this Friday, May 5.