The First Minute Of 'PLL' Season 7B Is Action-Packed

While it's devastating to think that the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars are airing soon, it's still beyond exciting to anticipate the drama within them. And judging from the first minute of Pretty Little Liars' Season 7B premiere, it looks as though these final episodes are not playing around. It's high drama from the word "go," people, and I, for one, am ready.

From the second that the episode starts, we see Spencer in the back of an ambulance, as a paramedic tries to save her from the gunshot wound she received at the end of the last episode. We're also reminded that Mary Drake is supposedly Spencer's real mom, as the doctor tries to keep Spencer awake by asking her what should be easy questions relating to her mom's identity (real tactful, mister).

While Spencer is fighting for her life, we see Aria, Hanna, Ali, and Emily walking through the hospital, trying to make sense of the revelations that ended last season. And in true PLL fashion, questions only seem to lead to more questions. Like, was Noel acting as A.D. the entire time? And if Noel is dead, then does that mean the whole horrifying ordeal is finally over? As if all of this isn't enough insanity for the Liars to be dealing with, we then see Toby getting wheeled into the hospital wearing a neck brace, which leads to the final mysterious question: If Toby is here, then where's Yvonne?

Whew — let's all take a much-needed breath after all of that. Considering that this is only the first minute of the entire episode, it seems like fans have a lot of drama to look forward to in the final episodes. And clearly, PLL isn't about to let up on the many pressing mysteries and questions that have kept fans obsessed. The fact that so much is packed into this first minute of Season 7B seems to suggest that the pacing is going to be absolute fire.

Which, let's be honest, is totally necessary. As this clip excitingly sets up, the final 10 episodes have a lot to cover — and that's not even including the plotlines that weren't mentioned within this minute. But at the very least, here's what I can gleam from this brief, terse clip.

Firstly, Spencer is alive. Like, of course. There was no way they were going to kill off a main character this early on in the final episodes. But though she's alive, she isn't exactly doing well, which leads me to suspect that Spencer may end up in a coma for the first few episodes, which could possibly be the reason for the PLL musical episode. Because, seriously, it makes absolute perfect sense that we might get to experience Spencer's coma mindset from the perspective of a musical.

There's also the fact that though we see Toby in the hospital, a big deal is made out of the fact that Yvonne, who was also in the car crash, isn't there with him. If Yvonne is dead on PLL, then this could open a very morbid 'shipping door for Spoby to reunite, and possibly live happily ever after for the rest of the final episodes. I mean, though Toby is engaged, the two did share a kiss at the end of 7A. So potentially, whether Yvonne dies or not, there's still hope for the two of them yet.

That is, so long as both Spencer and Toby survive their respective injuries. Something that I can only suspect will be on A.D.'s murderous to-do list to stop from happening. Considering that the Liars appear to be coming to terms with the idea that Noel probably couldn't have been A.D. in the clip, this provides a new challenge as to how stop someone whose identity they still don't know.

And damn, guys, on top of all this, there's still all the stuff that wasn't addressed in the clip. I mean, Haleb? Ali's pregnancy? The fact that Nicole is still alive? Something tells me that we're all going to be on the edge of our seats when Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform on April 18.