This Trailer Will Make 'Friday Night Lights' Fans See Coach Taylor In A Spooky New Way

Coach Taylor has really had to get creative with his social life since moving to Philadelphia. (And he brought Landry along!) The trailer for the new movie Game Night is one that Friday Night Lights fans need in their lives. Kyle Chandler stars in the film as Brooks, the organizer of his friends' game night, and he comes up with the scariest event ever after a real-life murder mystery and his elaborate plan for suburban fun collide. It's not often that the man formerly known as Coach Taylor gets to flex his comedic muscles, but it looks like Chandler's latest film will allow him to remind viewers that he can make them laugh and cry.

To further drive home the Friday Night Lights feels, Chandler's even dressed like the Coach. In his comfy looking hoodie and t-shirt, you'd be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled upon a sequel to the beloved series — well, at least until a couple of criminals bust through the door and take Chandler's character hostage. At that point, it's clear that you're watching a very different story. But it's a story that also happens to feature Chandler's Friday Night Lights co-star, Jesse Plemons. That's right, Landry and the Coach have been reunited, and it feels so good.

Game Night is stacked with TV favorites. In addition to Chandler and Plemons, the film also stars Arrested Development's Jason Bateman, New Girl's Lamorne Morris, Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan, Pitch's Kylie Bunbury, and film star Rachel McAdams. With a cast teaming with talented actors, Game Night has the potential to offer up a whole lot more than just Friday Night Lights nostalgia.

Game Night is a murder mystery/comedy hybrid that appears to be cheekily nodding to masters of the mystery genre like Agatha Christie. In one scene in the trailer, you can even catch a glimpse of a Murder on the Orient Express poster. Like any good murder mystery, Game Night kicks things off with a party gone awry.

The group of suburban friends are gathered for an evening that promises to be full of faux suspense and thrills when real bad guys seemingly show up out of nowhere. Chandler lays out the plan in a monologue that will give you flashbacks to Liam Neeson's character in Taken. He tells his friends,

"Tonight, we're taking game night up a notch. Someone in this room is going to be taken, and it's going to be up to you to find them. Whoever finds the victim wins the grand prize. You're not going to know what's real and what's fake."

As soon as he finishes telling his pals the rules, Chandler's character is snatched. Meanwhile, Bateman and the rest of the gang assume it's all part of the plan and tuck into a delicious cheese plate. That should give you a good idea of what you're in for with this movie: action hijinks and delightful absurdity.

The only thing that would make the Game Night trailer better would be a guest appearance from Connie Britton, but that might be asking too much. As it stands, the movie is already overflowing with hilarious actors, two of which are from Friday Night Lights. And it also has Bateman chewing on a squeaky toy, McAdams having the best reaction to a bad guy getting sucked into a plane engine, and an adorable dog that ends up in a bathing disaster.

Chandler may or may not be channeling his inner Coach Taylor in Game Night, but either way, his performance looks like it will be worth the price of admission. And, hey, if you don't come for Chandler or the promise of a mini Friday Night Lights reunion, then come for the laundry list of TV stars that make up this stellar cast.