'Game Of Thrones' Just Teased The Rest Of Season 7 At Comic Con

Yes, winter has reached Westeros, but the Game of Thrones Comic-Con preview trailer is also declaring that Jon Snow and Daenerys must unite their armies if they're ever going to survive the cold and the wrath of Cersei Lannister. Sure, we've seen lots of trailers and previews for Season 7, but there was still lots to be unveiled — as proven by the footage shown at Comic-Con during Friday's Game of Thrones panel.

It would seem that the next few episodes will immediately get major players into position, and new alliances will be forged. Game of Thrones is not messing around when it comes to the intricate plot that must quickly unfold. Cersei is growing more and more concerned about the momentum Daenerys is making in assembling her army to reclaim the Iron Throne. In this way, she seems hellbent on taking Daenerys out. That obviously means she is going to be rolling out the Lannister army and pulling no punches in order to get what she wants.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow is trying to urge his men to understand that in order to win their impending battle against the White Walkers, they will need to team up with Daenerys. She is the one who has plenty of dragon fire and dragonglass in her possession, so she is the most viable ally right now. Of course, some men are hesitant to reach out to her, which may be because they worry she is just like her father, the unstable Mad King Aerys.

It's clear that the show is going to bring Jon Snow and Daenerys together, if only because these two powerful individuals will not be able to achieve their biggest goals on their own; they need one another. Daenerys has the tools that Jon Snow needs to protect the North from a massive horde of White Walkers. Meanwhile, Jon Snow has the men and the military knowledge Daenerys needs to defeat the Lannister army. Their meeting, then, will most likely happen very shortly.

Jon Snow and Daenerys have been on a collision course for some time, and it seems that their meeting is inevitable. Of course, exactly how they will meet has had a question mark over it until this Comic-Con footage was unveiled: Melisandre. In the final moments of the new footage, she appears in the throne room at Dragonstone to tell Daenerys that she has a role to play, "as does another." She could really only be referring to Jon Snow, whose destiny as this point is all but confirmed as one of the true saviors of Westeros.

Is it Sunday yet? Because the next Game of Thrones episode needs to air immediately.