This 'GoT' Season 8 Spotify Playlist Could Hold The Answer To The Finale

Helen Sloan/HBO

Turns out, all those Game Of Thrones final season spoilers you've been looking for are hiding in the music. Yes, the GoT Season 8 Spotify playlist made by the show's creators apparently reveals the ending of the season. “The answer to the ending is one hundred percent hidden in the playlist choices,” showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss told Spotify's For the Record in an email. “No one will believe us, but it’s true.” It may be true, but they're right, it's still hard to believe. Nonetheless, that won't stop Game Of Thrones fans from putting on their headphones in the hopes of spoiling the ending.

Benioff and Weiss made a 50-song playlist called Game Of Thrones: The End Is Coming, that was inspired by their experience making the eighth and final season of the HBO series. This playlist featuring Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Jack White's "Seven Nation Army" — fitting really, since the Seven Kingdoms are about to face the biggest battle ever — also offers clues about what will happen at the end of Game Of Thrones. Of course, the showrunners aren't going to spell it out for you, but this playlist might hold the secret for what's ahead, so it's time to listen close.

Obviously, that's the point, since Benioff and Weiss filled this latest playlist — their first was 2017's Game of Thrones: Songs of Ice and Fire – with songs about "war, fire, cold, and wolves," all components of GoT. Perusing the list, there are definitely some songs that feel as if they could be telegraphing something about the finale.

For instance, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Gold Lion" shows up near the end of the playlist, number 48 to be exact. Could it mean that the Lannisters, whose sigil is the lion, could end up in power? Moreover, the playlist ends with the ballad "Love Is Blindness" by U2 that could be a hint that love forces some of our favorite GoT characters to go mad. Honestly, take your pick: Jaime and Cersei? Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen?

Already, there are rumors that Jaime will have to kill Cersei to save the Seven Kingdoms. While others think Dany could go mad like her dad Aerys II, forcing Jon to have to take her life to save everybody else. Or, maybe, the song choice means that the Iron Throne will be shared by an unlikely romantic pairing, after all, who's really expecting Game of Thrones to get a happy ending?

Another song on the playlist, Papa Roach's "Born For Greatness," could be a confirmation that those theories about Khaleesi being pregnant with Jon Snow's baby are true, and this little one could finally answer the question, who is Azor Ahai, the prince or princess that has been promised.

Of course, all of this is speculation since a playlist can only give away so much. There's also a possibility that Benioff and Weiss are full-on trolling us. Like, hello, songs included on the playlist like St. Vincent's "Cruel" or "Cold Cold Cold" by Cage The Elephant could be appropriate for any season of Game Of Thrones.

This is all to say, fans should prepare themselves in case the most meaningful song on this playlist is actually Queens of the Stone Age's "No One Knows." Luckily, we all finally be closer to knowing what happens at the end of Game Of Thrones after its Season 8 premiere on April 14.