Every Reason Why The End Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Could Be The End Of Dany Too


Daenerys Targaryen has long been the MVP of Game Of Thrones, and is the character who deserves the Iron Throne the most. But lest you forget, the HBO show can be utterly vicious when it comes to honorable leaders (RIP Ned Stark), so there's a very good chance that Daenerys will die in the final season of GOT. Sure, she could escape the fate that others pursuing the Iron Throne have met, but Game Of Thrones has dropped a few clues that Dany will die. So before GoT returns for its finale season, go back and review all the hints about Dany's fate in Season 8 the series has dropped thus far.

There are theories that Season 8 will kill another one of Daenerys' dragons. But their mother might also be in trouble — especially if a Season 8 rumor is to be believed. Potential spoilers ahead. Watchers on the Wall reported that a big scene was being filmed at the Dragonpit and all of the major players were there — except for Emilia Clarke. Of course, that doesn't definitely mean that Daenerys had died before that scene, but Khaleesi's death is certainly on people's minds. And that's in part thanks to these nine clues from Game Of Thrones itself.


Her Vision In The House Of The Undying


One of the biggest clues about Dany's fate came rather early in the series. In the Season 2 finale, "Valar Morghulis" (which, relevant to this article, means "all men must die"), Daenerys has a trippy vision in the House of the Undying in Qarth. She walks in a dilapidated version of the Great Hall at King's Landing when snow begins to fall. She approaches the Iron Throne and just before she touches it, she hears her dragons in the distance and walks away. When she follows the sound of the dragons, she ends up being reunited with Khal Drogo and their son Rhaego.

This could suggest that the White Walkers and/or her dragons will somehow keep her from ever sitting on the Iron Throne. And considering how her entire purpose has been this "game of thrones," the only way she wouldn't sit on that throne is if she were dead. That's hinted at even further by the fact that when she doesn't touch the throne in her vision, she ends up with her dead husband and child.


Tyrion’s Focus On Succession

Helen Sloan/HBO

In Season 7's "Beyond The Wall," Tyrion emphasizes that Daenerys needs a successor before she goes to save Jon Snow and co. While that could be a clue that she'll have a child (more on that later), it's also a not-so-subtle reminder that Daenerys is a mortal. And Daenerys isn't pleased by this discussion. She asks him, "You want to know who sits on the Iron Throne after I'm dead. Is that it?" That certainly seems like some foreshadowing.


Her Dragons Aren’t Invincible


Just like Dany is mortal, so are her dragons. While you may have thought that Tyrion was being unnecessarily worried in "Beyond The Wall," his fatalistic view proved to be legitimate when the Night King killed Viserion with his ice javelin. Daenerys' fate seems tied to her dragons. So even though Viserion technically has gone on to see another day as an ice dragon, his death could be a clue that the Night King will also kill Daenerys.


“The Prince Or Princess Who Was Promised” Prophecy


Through her translation skills, Missandei revealed in "Stormborn" that the Lord of the Light prophecy that Melisandre is so fond of could be about a male or female ruler. Melisandre believes that both Daenerys and Jon Snow have a part to play in "bringing the dawn." And while the Red Priestess appears to be correct this time, the horses she backs don't always have the best track record. She was certain Stannis Baratheon was the prophecized prince and he ended up dead. As Melisandre herself admits, "Prophecies are dangerous things" and Daenerys' involvement in this one could seal her fate.


The Mad Queen

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Daenerys' family's reign over the Seven Kingdoms ended when Jaime Lannister killed her father during Robert's Rebellion. But the catalyst for this coup was that King Aerys II had gone mad. In "Eastwatch," Varys draws a comparison between Daenerys and her father after she kills Randyll and Dickon Tarly. Tyrion replies to this by saying, "Daenerys is not her father." But if she did inherit her father's mental illness, she could become a "Mad Queen." And if she turned into a vicious, unhinged tyrant, she would most likely be killed in an uprising like her father before her.


The Azor Ahai & Nissa Nissa Prophecy


The Azor Ahai prophecy isn't discussed that much in the HBO series, but since it's such a big deal in the books, there are tons of theories about how it will play out in the show. One of the leading theories is that Jon Snow is Azor Ahai. The original Azor Ahai saved Westeros from the White Walkers with his flaming sword Lightbringer and the prophecy states he will be reborn to do it again.

If you buy that Jon is Azor, then there's another part of the prophecy that could concern Dany. Azor Ahai had to plunge Lightbringer into his wife Nissa's heart to successfully forge the blade. So will a reborn Azor need to do the same? If so, Jon might need to kill Daenerys in order to successfully defeat the Night King. After all, Jon already took "a knife in the heart for his people." Maybe in Season 8, it will be Dany's turn and she won't be brought back to life.


The Fate Of The Targaryens

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Even beyond the madness that plagued Dany's father, the Targaryens don't really have much luck when it comes to surviving. As she pointed out to Jon Snow at the Dragonpit in "The Dragon And The Wolf," her family is all dead. (Of course, the irony here is that they don't know that Jon is her family, but nevermind that.) While she doesn't have to have the same fate as pretty much every other Targaryen, this could be an obvious clue that Dany won't survive.


Mirri Maz Duur’s Words


Back in Season 1, Daenerys makes a deal with the sorceress Mirri Maz Duur to save Drogo's life in "Baelor." But this deal leads her to give birth to a stillborn child. "I warned you that only death can pay for life. You knew the price," Mirri Maz Durr tells the distraught and enraged Daenerys in the next episode, "Fire and Blood."

This interaction with Mirri Maz Durr is why Daenerys believes she can't have children. But it sure seems like Daenerys will become pregnant with Jon's child after they had sex in the Season 7 finale. So based on Daenerys striking a blood magic deal and Mirri Maz Durr's curse, you could make the connection that someone will still have to die in order for Daenerys to successfully give birth to a living heir. And who more appropriate to die than Daenerys herself?


How The Mothers Of Jon & Dany Died

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If you subscribe to the theory that Daenerys will become pregnant, the expectant mother has a reason to worry. Both Daenerys' mom Rhaella Targaryen and Jon's mom Lyanna Stark died after giving birth to them. That would be a clichéd way for Daenerys to die, but it would also be tragically poetic.

Before Game Of Thrones Season 8 is through, you can expect either Daenerys or Jon Snow to die — that's just the nature of the beast. And these clues might just prove that Daenerys will ultimately be the ill-fated of the two.