The 'Green Eggs & Ham' Voice Cast Includes SO Many Celebs

Adam Devine and Keegan-Michael Key at the Green Eggs and Ham premiere
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Following Horton Hears a Who!, The Lorax, and The Grinch, Netflix's Green Eggs and Ham is the next of Dr. Seuss' beloved books to be translated to screen. And just like the adaptations before it, Green Eggs and Ham's voice cast includes a full plate of stars. In fact, there's even a prominent celeb behind-the-scenes: Ellen DeGeneres serves as an executive producer.

According to Snopes, Dr. Seuss used only 50 words in Green Eggs and Ham based on a dare from his editor. The Netflix series expands that story significantly, including a number of new characters in addition to the iconic Sam-I-Am — and a number of actors to voice them. In the TV show, the unnamed second character from the book who dislikes greens eggs and ham is called Guy-Am-I. Per Deadline, he joins forces with Sam despite their different tastes in food in order to save an endangered animal from a zoo. Along the way to Meepville, Sam-I-Am and Guy-Am-I encounter plenty of other characters — each of whom add more star power to the already impressive voice cast.

Green Eggs and Ham may be for kids, but the actors behind the characters will make adults want to watch too.

Adam Devine as Sam-I-Am

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Adam Devine gets the honor of portraying Green Eggs and Ham's main character — and the only one with a name in the original book. The Workaholics star has been quite a workaholic himself in 2019, appearing in Isn't It Romantic, The Righteous Gemstones, and Jexi.

Michael Douglas as Guy-Am-I

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The character who eventually comes to like green eggs and ham is played by Michael Douglas. After his tenure on The Streets of San Francisco in the 1970s, the Oscar winner returned to TV regularly with Netflix's The Kominsky Method, and he's sticking with the streaming platform as Guy-Am-I.

Diane Keaton as Michellee

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Another Hollywood legend in the cast is Diane Keaton, who will be channeling her voice acting days from Look Who's Talking Now as Michellee. She's also collaborated with DeGeneres before as the voice of Jenny in Finding Dory.

Ilana Glazer as EB

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The Broad City co-creator and star portrays Michellee's daughter EB. She previously lent her voice to another Netflix animated series (and admittedly, a much darker one) — BoJack Horseman. She's next set to star in horror movie False Positive, which she co-wrote with John Lee.

Tracy Morgan as Fox

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In the book, Guy-Am-I said he wouldn't want to eat green eggs and ham with a fox — which 30 Rock and Last O.G. star Tracy Morgan will take some offense to, since his character is a fox named Fox.

Eddie Izzard as Snerz

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The British comedian and transgender activist will show his villainous side as Snerz, a no-nonsense business tycoon. But Eddie Izzard has practice with that since he voiced Voldemort in The Lego Batman Movie.

Jeffrey Wright as McWinkle

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Jeffrey Wright is trading in androids for animation. The Westworld star plays a poacher named McWinkle, who will surely interfere with Sam and Guy's quest.

Jillian Bell as Gluntz

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McWinkle doesn't operate alone. One of his minions is Gluntz, played by Devine's old Workaholics costar and Brittany Runs a Marathon lead Jillian Bell.

Daveed Diggs as Mouse

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Hamilton star Daveed Diggs is another one of McWinkle's lackeys named Mouse — yet another creature Guy didn't want to eat green eggs and ham with.

John Turturro as Goat

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Guy and Sam will have their fair share of obstacles, including John Turturro's bounty hunter. His name is Goat (another reference to the original book), and knowing the Transformers and Night Of star's ability to play tough guys, he's sure to be intimidating.

Keegan-Michael Key as The Narrator

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What's a storybook brought to life without a narrator? Following his stint as the Ritual Master in Netflix' The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Keegan-Michael Key handles narrating duties for Sam-I-Am and company.

According to Variety, the cast has already finished recording Season 2, so prepare to hear their voices back onscreen in the near future.