A Closer Look At 'Insecure' Season 2

One thing is for sure: Season 2 of Insecure is going to be "hella" amazing, judging from the recently released teaser trailer for the HBO series. According to the clip, Issa's ongoing issues with her longtime bae, Lawrence, will continue when the comedy returns to the network on July 23. If you recall, in the inaugural season's finale episode, Issa was left completely "broken AF," as the status of her relationship with Lawrence was left hanging in the balance when she admitted to cheating on him with her old high school friend, Daniel.

The exciting new teaser depicts Issa totally zoned out and enthralled in the little world that lies in her head while cruising through the California streets. As she comes to a stop at a red light, she begins daydreaming about her life, while seemingly contemplating her future with both Lawrence and Daniel.

Piggybacking off of last season's theme of using the repetitive title naming "... As F*ck" for each episode, the Golden Globe Award-nominated comedy appears to have opted to use "Hella ..." as the ongoing buzz-title for each installment this time around, which can be seen throughout the entire teaser.

It's unclear whether the show will pick up right where it left off in last season's stellar finale, with Lawrence attempting to move on with a new girl as a way to deal with his anger stemming from Issa's infidelity, or if things will have progressed to the future. Either way, fans will be patiently waiting to learn what will transpire between the two former lovebirds.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm hella eager to see if Issa will be able to salvage her relationship with Lawrence, or if she'll be forced to embark on life as a single woman along with her bestie Molly.